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3/26/2012 c7 PhotoKitty
I hope you update this!
1/27/2012 c7 sailor cyanide
This is a really great story- I love the Chris/Wyatt relationship. Keep ip the great work and pretty please update soon!
12/25/2011 c7 Pypera
Amazing story! Can't wait to find out what happens next and how Chris got the ability to orb!
12/21/2011 c7 9kitty tokyo uzumaki
Please update this~! XDDD I wanna know what hapeens next!~!
12/21/2011 c7 4sonotalady
Love it! there's always room for a bit Chris/wyatt.
12/18/2011 c7 sousie
i love it keep up the good work
11/29/2011 c7 xxxwallflowerxxx
i cant wait for more please update whenyou can
11/27/2011 c7 12dragonmagik
I love this story. Please please please update soon. I say you let Gideon to Piper and you see what happens with a pissed off mother witch.
11/23/2011 c7 Secret Thought
can't wait to
11/7/2011 c7 abc
if they wanted to stop wyatt without hurting anyone- all they had to do was take baby wyatt's powers away or bind them. if baby wyatt doesn't have powers he grows up without powers, etc.

i don't believe it would have been this easy to contain wyatt.

why the hell would wyatt orb into the attic/trap just because piper called his name. he's not leo or chris- wyatt doesn't have to come running when someone hollers his name- and he would know that the only reason they would be calling him would be to stop him- so him voluntarily orbing into the attic is kind of retarded. him just hanging around is retarded. but i suppose if you want a retarded story to go on you have to have the characters do retarded things.
11/7/2011 c5 abc
Wyatt had never been able to infiltrate the Elders because they had blocked his power.


if that were true or possible- why wouldn't the elders defeat wyatt- if they can block his powers they and/or others can defeat him-

i was hoping wyatt would kill pheobe again.

i was hoping chris would jump and kill himself.

you did a great job of making him come off as weak and pathetic and undesirable. and if wyatt is so powerful why doesn't he just take chris and leave- all this dramatizing you are doing is ridiculous- the ultimate power/wyatt would allow all this ridiculous behavior why?

doesn't make any sense.


try something new
11/7/2011 c1 Johnnyboyo
Omg this story is amazing but u haven't updated have u stopped y?
11/6/2011 c7 xxxxx456
really like your idea. Can't wait to read more update soon. This is this first Wyatt Chris story i've ever read and i really liked it. I think it is because it is really well done.
11/3/2011 c7 10Storylover158
I love this story soooooo much! Great job. Write more.
10/28/2011 c7 yd
so next chanpter we find out how chris has whitelighter powers without being a whitelighter can't wait
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