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10/28/2011 c7 6fausbourg V
Hello there !

In advance, sorry for my english (I'm french and if I can read english, I can't write it perfectly).

I love your story. I just discover it, but i love it !

Just one point, though : i think you need to develop, a little, Wyatt's POV. Except that, wow ! Easy to read and interesting.

Bon courage pour la suite !

10/28/2011 c7 27Meyli Vaisyl
Ah ! I'll finally know what Chris really is !

I like this chapter. I love Wyatt too. He's so...logical, somehow. I could almost believe him when he says he isn't evil.

Meÿli =)
10/28/2011 c7 Christopherlover
Great chapter I loved it but I gettin confused maybe u could do half a chapter in wyatt's pov jus too understand more

ad could u maybe let him experience more of a softer side if him 4 chris jus to tel us that he still loves him or that chris still loves him or do they not luv eachother anymore?

Don't worry about the reveiws people probaly haver jus checked to c if u had updated yet cause usually it's a while before I do but I'm sure it won't be long before they check in

Lookin 4watd 2 the nxt chapter as always:D
10/27/2011 c7 Katsakura
what happens next? will everything be okay now? please update soon!
10/27/2011 c7 twilightluva786
Great Chapter
10/27/2011 c7 anon
great story, please continue!
10/27/2011 c7 Guest
loved it and the previous chapter too so cool
10/27/2011 c7 DeepINthought
Love this story...it's structured so well! And the storyline...it's just spool good!
10/27/2011 c7 redrobin
If Chris is not a whitelighter then what is he besides being half/full? demon? Can't wait for more
10/26/2011 c6 Meyli Vaisyl
Oh... Why did you split it in half ? 6 000 words... that's cool ! =D

"This was why people should not drink alcohol. At least he'd reached his goal – he'd drunk himself stupid and then passed out." xD

Hum... I start to really like Phoebe in your story.

"Like I drank an entire bottle of Vodka in less than 30 minutes and then passed out on a freezing cold bridge." lol xD

"Apparently, male succubi can conceive." °0° Oh god xD

And how old is Piper ? This is what I want to know. Why does not anyone ask ?

"Are you pregnant yet?" This guy is very direct xD

Hum... Yeah, it seems to be a good plan. But with the Halliwells, who knows ?

I know your Leo is good but still... I can't stand him. I just can't.

Oh and I forget to tell you, but I love your Wyatt.

The memory... Aaaaaaaaawwwww so cute...and sad too. I'd like more memories about Chris and Wyatt. When there was teens, when Chris got pregnant (lol, mental images xD), or things like that ^^

Anyway, a awesome chapter =)

10/26/2011 c5 Meyli Vaisyl
"I'm going to drink until I pass out" Lol. Chris, I don't think drink is not the best soluion...

"Something strong, don't care what. Give me the bottle." I didn't know Chris was a drunk xD

"He hated all alcohol. He had never been a drinker" Ah ! It's better ^^

"Would Wyatt risk erasing his own daughter?" Wait... Daughter ?

"Protective, and worried. He's worried about you." Awwww that's too cute.

Sorry for the late, I'll listen the song and read the next chapter later ^^

And I loved this chapter.

10/25/2011 c6 Christopherlover
Great chapter loved it

hope the plan with wyatt works

that was a really sweet way of getting them 2 say they love each other:) I lyked it alot

lookin 4ward 2 the nxt 1
10/24/2011 c5 REJ624
I really liked how you had Phoebe channeling Wyatt's feelings. Could Chris be in a worse position? I feel so bad for him.
10/19/2011 c1 Christopherlover
it's great that even though u have been doing other stories so different 2 dis 1 that u can still have time to write dis it's great:D

can't wait 4 the next 1
10/17/2011 c5 Christopherlover
Thnxs 4 da awsome chapter luv part on bridge

Can't wait 4 d nxt chapter :D
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