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for and the petals smile like clowns

10/9/2011 c9 chkn
Dead. Died. Woah.

So like, that was a brilliant characterisation of Vic, and you used Jude and that's just, asdfghjkl love. And uh, it was sort of just, beautiful, and I'm awful with words and.

Let me marry it? I don't know. I love it.
10/8/2011 c2 5Cadaver Collector
Sorry for not leaving a review before!

I liked your use of imagery the best, and the first chapter is my favorite so far.
10/8/2011 c10 lesbicans
Another wonderful one. Why are you such a good writer? Characterization was great and their dynamic was brilliant and the way you worked in the flower was good too. 2 more points ;D
10/8/2011 c9 lesbicans

I liked the vaugueness of this, and that it was from Jude's POV. I liked the ending as well and it was overall, brilliant. 2 more points ;D
10/8/2011 c8 lesbicans
Loved it. It fit in with my canon world, that she ran away to America. I loved the DomLy mentions and the Mollysander.

Her interaction with Scorpius was lovely and characterization overall was fabulous. It really made me laugh as well ;D

Great Job, 2 more points.
10/6/2011 c10 97lowi
IT IS FOR ME, LOONY? Gosh, thank you a thousand times!

Yes, I love your Painter!Lorcan, and this drabble, no matter it was sad, made me love him even more. It just was so believable, so beautiful, I adored it.

Thank you again! Keep up the epic work with these, I love reading them!
10/6/2011 c9 lowi
Oh, me like some femmeslash! :3

This was wonderful (as usual, Loony), and I have to say, the way you describe emotions and feelings - I am truly awed! It's so raw, so real, I just love it!
10/6/2011 c8 lowi
Oh my gosh Loony, I think this one's one of my favourites!

I just love ScorDom, and the way you had characterised them was just brilliant. Really really perfect.
10/6/2011 c7 lowi
Wow, Loony, this one was great! I loved how it was so different from the others, and I loved the sentence in the brackets... :3
10/5/2011 c7 lesbicans
I loved your formatting on this one and the change of tense made it refreshing ;D

I loved the use of the flowers and the characterization of all three. Simply beautiful darling and I love love loved the line

"(she has no idea how accurate their argument will be later in life)" Beautiful. Great job ;)
10/4/2011 c7 skwirl
Aww, sweetie, this one was so different and cute, I love the whole innocence aspect of it.

And I really really loved that sentence right there:

/(she has no idea how accurate their argument will be later in life)/

It's just sadkjldsklasdj, it sums up /exactly/ what a LorcanMollyLysander would be like, you did awesome :L

Love you, sexy bitch.
10/4/2011 c7 Mitzzi
I liked the format you put on the last chapter, but the previous ones were interesting too. The first one was perhaps a bit unclear, but the rest were very nicely done, especially TeddyRose.

Sorry about the review, generally I try to do so on most fics I favorite, but my internet has been sporadic lately, and for some reason its easier to favorite than review…well, nice story! Keep it up :)
10/4/2011 c4 chkn
Story of my life, m'dear. I sort of think this one's my favourite, I can actually relate to it all, except no one talks to me in flowers, just stupid riddles.

I love it. You're kind of a genius, m'dear. How the heck am I suppose to make a collection this good? ;D
10/4/2011 c3 chkn
It's strange that I've never really read Louis characterised as the snobby Veela boy, but it's exactly how I used to think of him before my head canon was all muddled by that silly RP.

I love him, I think he's just wonderful in a cruel sort of way.

And the whole scene, and Violetta and all of it. Love it.
10/4/2011 c2 chkn
Oh my Merlin. I'm wondering now why I've never written anything by you before, m'love. This is cute and funny and they were written exactly as I imagine them.

Next one. :)
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