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9/1/2012 c1 7Stylings of the Hiatus
*sobs in coner* first I could never imagine rouge dead cus she's rouge you can never imagine your fav hero die, now remy comes along and poors his heart out!-sniffles- i feel liklike a baby right now anyways great story!
10/29/2011 c1 22LucianLoveNarnia
I have to say as an author, that for a first fanfiction it was pretty good. I love this song, although I thought of it differently, as you read in my story. Thank you for your review. Thought I'd return the favor. ;) I really like X-Men, been watching it my entire life. Used to have to watch the show before going to bed every night, and I've seen every single movie. I thought this was a good representation of Gambit and Rogue's relationship. Again, I really liked it.
9/30/2011 c1 68BlatantBookworm
Not bad. Sweet little story... very sad though.

Still, it's good.
9/27/2011 c1 18Lady Firewing
Hey! This is actually not the first story I've written, only the first I've been able to finish and publish. I didn't want to kill Rogue, but I found this song and loved it and really wanted to do a songfic.

And I am not the first to kill off Rogue. Don't worry, she probably won't die in my other fanfics. I love her character too much, though I mainly focus on OC's. Other than killing off Rogue, how do you like the fanfic?
9/27/2011 c1 20Wolf skater
Evil hoe dare u kill off rogue on ur 1st story y? Y?

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