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5/5 c1 1Pinkypi
Only the finest. Even if they didn't have chappy the rabbit currently available they could have easily procured it under the assumption that it was for a spoiled child from a rich background... Like at the level you're suggesting for finest in the world here, they outright hand make shit like that instead of relying on factory pre-mades
11/6/2022 c36 17JiminyBillyBob
Hi author-san I am sorry I just left a review now, real life caught up and I just have the time to finish reading the rest of the chapters and I mist say this is one of the best IchiRuki fics i have ever read! The characterization is spot on, the plot is enjoyable and i love how you put details into the narrative and the conversation. I love how you can insert fullbring arc into this! The ichiruki is sweet and i love everything about this story really! Thank you for the hard work! I love your story i cant wait for the last of the trilogy :D
10/24/2022 c18 JiminyBillyBob
Hi author-san i know it is an old story but i never really read yours and now i regret it hahaha. Why the hell do i just click on your story now? XD i have been reading IR fics for a long time, i come and go actually hahah. But i am just digging for old IR fics for nostalgia and here i am

i just want to say i read 18 chapters in one go for hours and i lost sleep but it is truly worth it! I havent read the saying I will yet and i just jump on this one but now when i am finished with this i will definitely read the saying i will. It is not everyday i stumble upon a very long but well-written and complete? IR fic so i just really want to thank you for the hard work youve put in this story (and i think you mentioned it being a trilogy? I am not even finished with this one yet and i am already so excited!)

I love the humor and i love your characterization of the characters involved. Rukia is adorable and ichigo is so in character and i love how you potray the relationship between the two! Somehow it is so realistic and it is not too much but cute and sweet and adorable at the same time. You nail it!

I really enjoy reading the scenes and i really love the part where byakuya spends time in the living world with Ichigo hahaha the situation is hilarious but the two are already acting like in-laws already

I LOVE how rukia is so attentive of masaki and i really really love how hard rukia tries to make ichigo happy by bringing back his mom. I am only on chap 18 but ryuuken's comment on the dead should stay dead really makes me nervous i hope there is nothing wrong with masaki and everyone will end up happy

I love that the genre is romantic / humor, somehow IR fics i find these days after the canon are all angst and adultery and i am really really glad that i decide to read your fic now because it is such a nice breather and brings back the nostalgic feels of the old IR fics and fandom :D I LOVE this so much! Youre a great author and i cant wait to continue this after work later!

I hope you continue the trilogy :D

Thanks again for the hardwork youve put into this beautiful piece of work!
10/10/2022 c36 1Odinson94
It’s been nearly two years without an update is the new story still on?
4/8/2022 c36 rruki4087
hope u continue the this been waiting for ascending to throne
3/13/2022 c36 Hope
Omggg I seriously love this fic so much just finsihes re reading this and SIW for like the bazillionth time. Really hope you end up writing the third fic
2/2/2022 c1 rruki4087
hey this is a good story really really good
8/22/2021 c36 Guest
Love this series and super excited to read the next :)
2/20/2021 c25 Guest
I love the story but i ship hitsukarin rather than hitsuhana...
7/2/2020 c36 KindYoshi
I’m so glad I read your stories and I’m looking forward to the next one! Thanks!
6/26/2020 c36 7darklover
You did a great job writing this sequel. It was really good. Glad you finished it.

I'm shocked you are continuing this series with another sequel and involving the Quincies. I'm curious if you feel like making it an attempt to fix how Kubo handled it. Honestly, I'd rather read more about Ichigo and Rukia's life more so than that. Anyway, I applaud the way you have written your story. You are very creative.
6/26/2020 c33 darklover
So I'm finally getting around to finish reading this fic. I have to stop and just say I loved the vows. They were nicely done :) Awesome job.
4/20/2020 c36 6Thedeathofthestars
Oh wow! I have been following this series for years and I can't wait to read the last of the three!
4/12/2020 c36 4KitElizaKing
Dun dun duhhhhh! I'll be right here waiting! I'm going to love seeing how you shape this puppy up! Thanks for this story. It went a long way to soothing my heart over the wreckage that was made of Bleach at the end. This is the happy story that we all should have seen!
4/12/2020 c35 KitElizaKing
Oh oh, amongst the happiness, portents of destruction and death! Dare we guess who 'he' is!? That was lovely, having one last Isshin-bomb for Ichigo this he's going to have to give it all up. The after-party in the hole was a good idea, it's much more fun for Ichigo and Rukia to hang out with friends. I'm sure they'll enjoy it a lot! Thanks for your chapter.
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