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11/13/2018 c1 Guest
9/1/2017 c1 Guest
3/9/2017 c1 Guest
Lol the "No." just about killed me. This was a great story, and I'm curious about what would happen in this 'verse, but it's perfect the way it is. Thanks for writing!
3/23/2015 c1 Guest
For a genius, sometimes Mycroft is an idiot.
3/6/2015 c1 Guest
please do a sequel! this is so so so awesome!
3/31/2014 c1 Guest
continue! oh ahem, if you feel so obliged I would appreciate it if you continue this AU
1/5/2014 c1 95Book girl fan
Somehow, I read a three year old obituary, as a three year old's obituary, and was wondering how a three year old faked his own death, and why.
1/5/2014 c1 2Eiladwyn
This was awesome! Original, and interesting. ThoughI'm surprised Lestrade didn't confide in John a wee bit more about edition. Thanks for posting!
7/13/2013 c1 Gamegirl1982
Please continue writing, This story isn't done yet! I want more!
4/23/2013 c1 chris
wow. that was super cool
4/7/2013 c1 Jesus is Boss
Great story! I liked it. But just so you know, in Britain they don't say "cellphone", they call it a mobile phone. Keep writing!
8/25/2012 c1 FRK921
AH! LOVE it...
3/19/2012 c1 23Doodled93
I really hope you continue this... I know its labeled as complete, but I'm very good at ignoring things like that when it suits me :)

This is amazing :D
11/26/2011 c1 32Azamiko
*cracks up* Oh man! How could you end it at such an EVIL spot?
11/24/2011 c1 Sunnivaixchel
this...this is...this. Oh my God this. I. I don't even know. I have no words. That was the best plot twist ever. And I'm like "Nuuu real Sherlock died (*epic sadface*)" but then he said Reichenbach Falls and I said "hurr hurr hurr orly" and I was happy. And then it ended wonderfully and hilariously and it was better the second time through. *hearts forever*


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