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for A new begining

1/29/2012 c3 classified
very cute :) please update soon! :) i want to know where kat and hale are going!
1/16/2012 c3 lalalaitsme
Im looking forward to the next chapter( :
1/14/2012 c3 girltalk138
hey, just wanted to tell you that im soooo glad you finally posted this chapter...and if i was going to ask you to fix anything, it would be the grammar...like maybe a few more commas to sepqrqte the ideas? you know, not that i should be talking...LOL! but i like gabrielle in this one...please make her a little sweeter to kat? i kinda like it when the two cousins get along. thanks,i love this chap and update soon...where is simon?
10/2/2011 c1 crazier-then-me
hey i love your story !please continue:)
10/2/2011 c1 2dreamerx
well girly, good story, though i can help with the grammar issues and the likes if you want.

So you got more chapies planned then? you better and write out a list of events and an ending, remember english? start from the end

Awesome, now i shall go :)

and you better STUDY!

9/30/2011 c1 Guest
please please please update!

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