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4/8 c1 6Angelsheart85
Oh wow! This was... Powerful!
12/30/2011 c1 calzonaobessed
That was was soooo sweet!
11/24/2011 c1 Pip711
Glad you decided to write it down! Someone need to address the watch no? Haha!

Great fic!
11/4/2011 c1 8celaenos
Aww, that was really sweet.
10/19/2011 c1 gleeruinedmylife
i love this story, i feel the show should have more emily/jj scenes and this portrays their freindships accuratly, in my opinion
10/8/2011 c1 53Monkeywand
I love it! So sweet!
10/3/2011 c1 1UhmWhatJustHappened
Loved it, thank you for posting :)
10/2/2011 c1 Lazielow
Awesome job ! =D
10/1/2011 c1 Swishla
Sweet follow up to the first episode. And it makes perfect sense that JJ would wear the watch. Nicely done and thanks for sharing.
10/1/2011 c1 1igorellis
Hi, great story! I love that you thought outside the box. Finally a genuine idea! Thank you!
9/30/2011 c1 24news for parrots
ugh, you make me log in, so much work! and yet i still bothered, cuz i like how you write.

in any case, story could be a good start to something more, hint hint :) if not, puts my thoughts in a nice direction as it is, too.
9/30/2011 c1 117SilverTurtle
Aww, so cute. I love that JJ's wearing Emily's watch and her reasoning for it. I really like how you handled this. I also like that it's open ended for them in a hopeful way. Good fic.
9/30/2011 c1 1Steflenaadamsfoster
I really enjoyed this story are you planning on continuing with it I would love to see how you further develop it.
9/30/2011 c1 artemis-roth
Wait, did they seriously switch watches?

:O I hadn't even noticed! That's so cool. Glad you wrote this, even if you didn't want to. :D

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