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9/4/2019 c3 Sekira91
Why the he** does Naruto nave "feminine curves"? He's a man!
8/9/2019 c6 Victory Is Mine
I just loved yours story. Thanks
1/12/2018 c5 Shipper21
It was so corny yet so cute I love stuff like that
7/22/2017 c6 2emowoods205
I love this story the only thing I hate is the thought that even if Sasuke was drunk (Which isn't an excuse) his dick was inside of Sakuras disgusting pussy...*Gets shivers of disgust then throws up*
7/20/2014 c6 5Chandra Migina

What a really crazy story. But I loved reading it xD

Well done
4/14/2014 c6 1ichigo'ssneakyfox
yay sakura is dead
2/6/2014 c2 Strawberry power
Dont you just hate it when people don't mind their own damn business (even though it could lead to some interesting stuff *insert perverted grin here*) I mean if the people care that much they can just tie then together or put them in a small closed off area they can't get out of till they *ahem* make up...
1/8/2014 c6 darkangelkaruka
i love the story just need to keep the fan based crap out of it it messes up the romance
12/29/2013 c6 4sasunaruneechan
Nyaaa _ Great mpreg story! Read it in one go! (why do fanfics have to be so addicted...)
Very sadistic on the sakura death part, but still liked it. *evil grin* Next time when you feel like killing a female character in a sasunaru fanfic, please make it Hinata. (I'm a full fladged hinata-hater. There are waaaaaaay to many naruhina fans out there! I seriously wished she'd die already!*cough* srry bout that. _") Now I'm gonna take a look at ya other account. btw, if ya still want a fanfic collab/beta, I might take you on on that offer _
6/4/2013 c4 1RmeGamr
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Can you say exhibitionism? that is so funny! I don't know whether i should feel sorry for the prisoners or for Naruto.
12/7/2012 c2 2Phoenix185
:( poor kyuu i hope he knows naru didnt mean it and meant to say sorry to him! if he didnt then (insert most sadistic smirk here) everyone in the room reads what i type shudders and feels sorry for the poor soul and prays they dont live around the us.
12/7/2012 c1 Phoenix185
so in this kyuu is a bitch basiclly
9/11/2012 c4 Guest
i have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that you were the prisoner with the camera...
8/23/2012 c6 1Arthuria.Abyss.El
I LOVE IT! I too, totally HATE Sakura! Hehehe! The ending was great. Oh, And squealed on the part about "Uchiha's having a thing for blondes". *dazed look in her face* FugakuxMinato... *NOSEBLEED*
I totally find that HOT! Please make one! Make it a FugakuXMinato with a hint of Sasunaru and Itakyuu!
Ja ne! *kisses*
8/13/2012 c7 Guest
i hadn't read your story up until i started reading it last night. it was so cute! if finished it all tonight. definately looking forward to reading more of your writing.
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