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for The Rise of The Raikage

12/28/2014 c1 fan
Whre is the nxt chapter
11/28/2014 c1 YuukiAsuna-Chan
i think you made a little mistake at the start... you said 10years 1month after he was Banished... im thinking you meant 1month after he was banished

anyways apart from that and a few spelling mistakes, incorrect words and missing words here and there it was pretty good
10/19/2014 c1 kazuki2292
Next chapter please
6/29/2014 c1 246vili
So with this Naruto begins his journey towards power, greatness ... and a bunch of hot women as wives/fiancees.

Hope you can update this and/or The Raikage as soon as possible, since these are good stories.
5/26/2014 c1 Lunastar96
Please come on! Update!
5/2/2014 c1 23ndl3ss
your grammar and spelling aren't great but they are acceptable. your bigger problem is that in alot of your stories you make everyone surprised and impressed at everything. that isn't natural considering that your talking about a world where creating fireball with your hand is common place. try to tone that down and you'll be a much better writer.
5/2/2014 c1 31Randa1
4/3/2014 c1 Fan
Please update a new chapter. That SOPA thing is done and you can keep updating, so please update another chapter.
3/29/2014 c1 FoxFan
Its been years sibce you posted this story; please update this.
3/28/2014 c1 naruto-phenex
muito bom
3/27/2014 c1 Guest
Don't disappoint. While it is true you asked no one to read your story it would disrespectful of you for not updating or not letting us know if you left your stories. Yes we all know you got your personal life to worry about but that foes not give you the excuse for not responding in a long time. A couple of Author notes or updates explaining that you are busy would simply do.
3/25/2014 c1 Guest
A week or 2 ago people had to sign a SOPA petition in order to stop it. SOPA is a set of laws that will force places like fanfiction, deviant art, and other fan made websites to shut down. Apparently they are trying to sneak something similar to SOPA into another law. Please sign the petition at .gov/petition/stop-sopa-policies-trans-pacific-partnership-notice-and-staydown-efforts-and-other-policies/dXMRvNh8 (If the link doesn't work Google SOPA like petitions, it should be one of the first links) or at least spread the word so that we can stop this again. 93 thousand signatures are still needed by April 13.
3/23/2014 c1 Tibblaye
Updating without an update this author just wants more views without writing more lazy author
3/16/2014 c2 Apathetian
It's really annoying when people like you update a bunch of stories and clog the recent list with this junk. Please show some restraint in the future. One update in one story is enough.
12/10/2013 c1 CrystalVixen93
Love ur story and can't wait to see what happens next so I hope u update again soon plz.
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