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for Muse of the Heart

5/5/2020 c4 Guest
This story is stupid.
10/10/2016 c4 16sexyshewolf
No, you need to continue this. It was getting interesting, and you have a good start.
2/10/2016 c4 7EmbarrGuardian32
Please do continue with this. I'm really interested to read more.
12/4/2014 c4 3stephany.martin.503
I want more please
9/21/2014 c4 Guest
Why don't you continue? It's interesting! I want to know what happens next!
1/11/2014 c4 3Manga nerdette
Update! Don't forget this story! Pppplllleeeeaaaasssseeee!
9/25/2013 c4 18duckies
no! please update soon i want to kno what happens!
6/15/2013 c4 3Megami Vanu
Bno ya paso Mucho tiempo y no se ve ninguna actualización..por dios mitología griega y egipcia juntas? Jojo
Por favor actualiza
Adiós y ánimos
3/26/2013 c4 2Smells-Like-Mary
I would like for this to continue. What would Seto say when he finds out Joey had THEIR child?
1/15/2013 c4 Guest
want some more! please continue..
11/27/2012 c4 laura393
Any change you gonna update?
I liked the story
11/8/2012 c4 1A Winter Heart's Song
This a super interesting and well written story! Despite the few chapters, I've read this story over and over to the point where I whispered it to myself when I'm bored in class. I really like Callie's character and the plot catches you in a way that not all stories can. Funny thing is that I read it over and over, yet I never get tired and always expect there to be the next chapter, but hey, ya can't rush an author. It's easy to read and very entertaining. The way i can describe it is as a sweet treat to yaoi fans. I really love it. Hope it's updated soon, cuz I'm hungry for more!
7/23/2012 c4 Luna Ackles
Chapter 4 please!
7/18/2012 c4 4howlingwolffate
make more please :(
7/10/2012 c2 HopeEverglade
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