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for A Technological Singularity

5/23 c13 stylo1
why is element zero so groundbreaking if you can manipulate gravitrons
5/23 c12 stylo1
take this teleportation device of yours, its basicly an atomic assembler which would revolutionise production. yet you seem to miss this
5/23 c7 stylo1
why would a space elevator be 23.000 miles long...
5/23 c7 stylo1
plasma is not a laser.

this is so full of bullshit it honestly looks mpre like a crack fic most of the time. the geek in me really liked your idea but practicly there is so much obvious things you are blatently ignoring i just cant take this seriously
5/23 c4 stylo1
i dont understand this immortality part, the brain is a computer that is now linked together, if one computer dies there is nothing to connect to thus your mind dies. unless there is a central storage for data that can match a human brain, ppl would still die.
5/23 c3 stylo1
why hasnt jeff taken the nanites yet? and him working as a public liason officer, he is an arrogant antisocial asshole that is woreshipped by 1000s of ppl all over the goverment
5/23 c3 stylo1
truly i have to slow down my mind so the ppl in your story can catch up
5/23 c2 stylo1
you really overdid the stupidity of the army, not fully reading reports, scoffing at ideas you dont understand etc etc. at this point it just doesnt make sense
12/13/2019 c15 Face Yourself
I like the story pretty well, and I get that you're taking it slow - it was good to see the development of how they got to this point, even if there was a LOT of wasted space in there too - but at this point it all feels like a waste of time since you're focusing solely on a bunch of characters we don't know or care about, when everyone is just waiting for you to get on with events in space rather than boring old planetside.
9/3/2019 c22 GDIMartok
It's a good story I'm sad to see it died before it could finish. Please bring it back!
8/31/2019 c13 Guest
Oh right, this is supposed to be a Mass Effect crossover. I forgot that.
8/30/2019 c1 Guest
Well this can only go well.
8/20/2019 c22 1TorrentAB
You know, I really enjoyed this story, but honestly my biggest regret about it is that I didn’t get to see the councils reaction to the Borg. It’s what I was looking forward to most and it cuts off right before that. The torture!
4/23/2019 c22 36alienyouthct
Wish this had been continued at some point.
2/8/2019 c22 Guest
It's such a shame this has been abandoned, it was shaping up to be a fantastic story. :(
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