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1/27/2012 c6 21Aranna Undomiel
I've been reading this with a huge smile on my face :D Still wearing it now ;D I just adore your Lucy; kids always are so annoyingly yet ever so charmingly honest and inquisitive...lol

Loved the embarassed and not knowing what to do with himself version of Don ;D

And Jennifer, eh? Wasn't detective Angel first called Jennifer? ;D Looking forward to see what will happen next, so hope you'll update soon!
1/23/2012 c6 4SMackedCaskett
Whoops, I had overlooked this at first :o

So nice to read something from you again :) I always like well-written AU stories!
1/23/2012 c6 116ChibiDawn23
One review coming up-ask and ye shall receive, lol.

I loved every bit of this chapter but what I really liked was the awkwardness in the room. I mean, between Don stumbling over words and Jess being a complete stranger, and Stella and her knitting stories, and Lucy coming at the right moment, and then Mac and Stella both leaving the room at the end...hahaha I loved it. We were reminded on a recent ep of CSI:NY of Don's stomach :) Highly entertaining.
1/22/2012 c6 28Blue Shadowdancer
Okay, you could probably hear my high-pitched squeaking all the way to your cottage, but in case you didn't I'll translate it into words: THAT WAS SO ADORABLE. I loved Don and '"Really? Young women faint into my arms all the time when I open front doors," Don remarked in deadpan tones' XD

And I loved Stella being all sneaky and getting Jennifer to stay for lunch, and then vanishing at the end to let her and Don be alone :D Also Mac sounding more like Stella now they're married - hah, I can totally see that XD

And just, all the interactions between all the characters, I loved them so much. They're all such good friends and know each other so well and really care about each other, and I loved how much that came across.

Lucy, as always, is utter love. And I also love slightly-harassed Lindsay, awww :D

Basically, did I tell you that this story is the most adorable thing ever? Because it is. ALL THE ADORABLE. :D :D
1/22/2012 c4 12Forest Angel
Sorry it's taking me so long to catch up. Just read first 4 chapters. You have built this up nicely from the early draft I read last year. You're characterisation is always good and I like you've found a slot for the Hammerbacks. I've got to stop now, but will read the rest soon (and email you).
1/22/2012 c1 24Curleyswife3
I have appreciated very much this lovely start, with a Don more thoughtful than usual ... and the nature, who look like a mirror, reflect the emotions of the protagonist. See you soon.
1/21/2012 c6 29afrozenheart412
Yes, Don's arms would be a wonderful haven to fall into! XD He is going to get it back in spades isn't he with Jennifer and the way she is able to keep her wits about her! I LOVE that we are going to see him tongue tied for more reasons than that, LOL! I know its too early to know where this is leading but I'm guessing she's Jessica, it would explain the Jennifer/Jessica thing CSI NY left us wondering at. :D

Mac and Stella offering lunch was awesome! But wouldn't it be considered second breakfast for Stella? XD I'm kidding, but the baby must be hungry from being woken up in the middle of the night. They are generous as well as fun when it comes to meeting new friends, I love that about them. Mac may be a little distant but we all know that he's a teddy bear inside. Lucy is a card! Really, she is one of the best things in here and I salute the way Lindsay is doing her best to keep up with her. I adore how her 'babies' woke her up and needed a walk, and considering her arms were close to bursting with all of thoes stuffed animals...Danny must be broke since she still HAS more on her bed! XD He can't resist his own blue eyes, LOL!

Oh this is going to be so much fun to see them get to know Jennifer and include her as part of their family. More please!

Favorite moments:

"Thank you, and please, Miss Lannis is my Aunt Florence who's seventy and happily unmarried. I'm Jennifer." A little embarrassed still, she continued, "And I honestly don't make a habit of turning up on the doorsteps of complete strangers and promptly fainting when they open the door."

"Really? Young women faint into my arms all the time when I open front doors," Don remarked in deadpan tones, hoping to put her at her ease.

She blushed, but then a glint appeared in her eye. "Well, they were certainly a very safe pair of arms to faint into..." Looking thoughtful, she added, "I don't think I've ever fainted before in my life. I'm lucky such nice people were around when it happened. It was really my own fault though..." She paused, glanced around, face pink seeming to realise she was starting to ramble, before she continued, her voice a little more secure, "I've been hiking in the area for the last couple of days, camping out at different sites. I was headed for my next site late yesterday evening, planning to grab something to eat there, misjudged my timing and ended up hopelessly lost when it got dark. I must have spent half the night walking round in circles." Her face pursed into a wry look. "There was one particular fallen pine tree I remember passing at least half a dozen times, by the third time I passed it, I was ready to kick the darn thing..." She caught Don's eye and he grinned at her, prompting a rueful grin in return as she carried on. "Anyhow, after several hours, I gave up, made the best shelter I could from that same pine tree and fell asleep. I woke up just before dawn and more by luck than any sense of direction, I found myself here; saw the cars on the drive which suggested someone was inside, and knocked on the door... The rest you know." Her shoulders lifted in a small, deprecating shrug, although it was clear that she had no little self-possession and confidence.

Don felt his eyebrows must be stuck to his hairline. That a young woman of her slight build - though she was certainly not frail – was camping and hiking by herself and had spent the night alone in the wilderness had left him almost dry of words, but filled with intrigue and not a little attraction."

"I thought it might be kind of overwhelming with the two of us there. Stella will put her at her ease," he said, reaching for the bread, before he fixed Don with a look and the hint of a smirk curling his lips. "Are you okay? I thought something had bitten you, you were out of that room so fast."

"Real funny, Mac," he scoffed, rattling the coffee pot to disguise how rattled he was himself.

Mac laughed softly, but for the next couple of minutes, their preparations continued in silence and Don felt himself regaining his equilibrium. "

"You're up early, Lucy-Lou," Stella, the first to regain her voice, said, smiling at the little girl. "Couldn't you sleep any longer?"

Lucy shook her head, the blonde curls dancing. "I woke up 'cause the babies were fussing, so I had to take them for a walk," she said, indicating the collection heaped up round her. "Did your baby fuss and wake you up, Aunt Stella?" Solemn eyes fixed on Stella, who nodded, Don and the other two adults watching the exchange.

"Yes, my baby fussed a bit and woke me up."

Lucy heaved a sigh, propping her elbows on her knees and chin on her fists. "You got to tell your baby to go back to sleep," she said sternly.

"Did you tell your babies that?" Stella asked in a serious tone, yet with a twinkle in her eyes as she darted a glance at the others. Don, rather disconcerted, caught the amusement in Jennifer's eyes and the slight stiffness in Mac.

Still with her chin balanced on her fists, Lucy nodded. "Uh huh, I sure did. But they didn't listen 'cause they wanted to go take a look around."

Stella understood perfectly. "My baby wanted to take a look around the garden. Maybe we could look at it later together?"

But the little girl's attention had returned to Jennifer with renewed interest. "What's your lady's name, Uncle Don? Is she a stranger? 'Cause if she's a stranger, I can't talk to her. Mommy says I can't talk to strangers." She remained staring, unabashed, at the young woman while asking Don her questions.

"Well, your Mom's right saying that about strangers," Don said recovering his poise after both the shock of her appearance and her unique wisdom. "But it's okay: this is Jennifer and she's not a stranger anymore. Your Uncle Mac and Aunt Stella and me have made friends with her and when your Mom and Dad meet her, they're going to make friends, too."

Head tilted to one side, finger now pressed into the dimple on her chin, Lucy considered before she nodded. "Okay."

She slid down from her seat, walked over to Jennifer and held out her small hand. "Pleased to meet you, how'd you do? I'm Lucy."

Face straight, Jennifer accepted the hand, gave it a light shake and returned the greeting. "Pleased to meet you, too, Lucy. You have beautiful manners and what a lovely collection of babies. What are their names?"

The little girl beamed. "Some of them are on my bed 'cause I couldn't carry them all, but..."

Or is Lindsay knitting Lucy her babies? Her hands must be need a rest! And please, tell me that thing about the snails was fiction. As much as Don is a connoisseur of food I can't see him eating one. LOL!
1/21/2012 c6 29Herrera
Hi, Lily! Perfect chapter, you describe the situation in a way that it seems we, readers, are there with all the characters.

I love little Lucy, poor girl, her babies fussing, they woke her up. Very sweet, also asking Stella if her baby fussed too.

We wait for more!

1/21/2012 c6 36webdlfan
This is weird. I hit reply to story and part of an old review popped up in this box. I wonder if it went through the first time? Or if it didn't and it saved for some reason. That's weird. But I hope you got the review in the first place.

Now for this one. Enter Angell ... or one who is Angell. Don does know how to work it. And teasing Stella about knitting? Loved.

And Lucy is still a delight. The conversation makes me think that Danny and Lindsay must live around his family, close together, so that Lucy is around his brother's wife or maybe neighbors who say the same things. She's so observant. I wonder if she's been telling her parents that they need more babies (or is she taking care of the babies so that they don't need more)? Looking forward to the Messers joining the party again. XD Another great job.
1/21/2012 c6 60cmaddict
You updated! I was so excited when I saw the email in my inbox this afternoon (long day of training... ugh!), and this certainly didn't disappoint! I love the character of Jennifer, you've given her a tinge of mystery and I'm certainly curious to see where you take her character. The rest of them were written brilliantly, as always. Please update soon!
1/21/2012 c6 8Strandstorken
I love this chapter! I think it's the best yet. :P

The chemistry between Don and Jennifer is great, I really like how it sort of bothers him that Stella was faster than him and invited Jennifer for lunch first.

And Lucy. Aww! She was really adorable in this chapter with her questions and her stuffed animals :D
1/10/2012 c5 21Aranna Undomiel
Oh more mystery to come knocking at the door (pun entirely intended...lol) Wonder who that is, and why she's fainting into Don's arms...

I so agreed with Don about wanting to stay in bed, I feel like all I do is work and sleep at the moment. But than again waking up to DOn having made me breakfast...mmm, that can't be all that bad...lol

Hope you'll update soon, promise to read it sooner then ;D
1/7/2012 c5 14Ballettmaus
Hey again... I like the morning's descriptions here. On a humorous note, I've always wondered why people get up despite still being tired and thinking it was way too early ;-) It's cute how you continue the theme of Don's liking for food :-) I really like what you do with his character and the little quirks that you've established around him. Both, in the fanfic and the original. :-)
1/7/2012 c5 106DNAisUnique
I'll be repeating Don's "Way too early" when I have to get up in less than 5 hours.

Oh, how I adore pregnant Stella. :D

"Proverbial worms." Fantastic!

Grr, that Sinclair!

Oh, now that's a mean cliffhanger. :P

This gets better with each chapter. Please post more soon!
1/7/2012 c4 DNAisUnique
Ooh, everyone's anxious to know the story of the missing kid! They're investigators in any time period! Excellent mystery-really draws in the readers. As do the relationships, of course.

Stella is so stubborn! Haha.

Great chapter. I can't wait to see how the mystery unfolds.
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