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10/27/2012 c14 36webdlfan
Okay, wow! I should have read this a long time ago! I just haven't been reading much at all lately. I set it aside and then time past very quickly! And here you go and write a D/L moment. :p

Then you go and pull such a plot point there at the end! Yes, I should have read this a long time ago.

still my favorite part is:
"Her ma can answer any difficult questions..." Don gave him a sceptical look. "What? She's a woman; she knows the answers. And if she doesn't, I'll tell Lucy to go ask her Uncle Don," he added slyly and Don glowered.

"You do and I'm sending her back with a few questions 'Uncle Don' needs answering," he retorted just as the Taylors' room opened and Lindsay came out, hurrying over to them with a smile on her face.

So very funny! not only is Lucy going to wake up with questions, but she's going to wake up to a new baby doll! :P

Sorry it took me so long to get to. I will try to do better. You've got to update soon, please!
10/24/2012 c14 xyzabc123098
I feel punked! XD; You made me worry so much with the final sentences in the last chapter then completely relieved my worry in the first few sentences here XD

Hehehe, protective Mac is always appreciated - he's going to be such a slave to that little girl X) I love how Danny and Flack just couldn't wait to get in there!

I love the development with Hammerback-Angell :DD He's always been such a great father figure to everyone. I can't wait to see where this will go!
10/24/2012 c13 xyzabc123098
Even in such turmoil, Stella's stubbornness shines through! It's so Stella to want to try to make it up to the bedroom.

Gosh, everything's so dramatic - of course, the darn car would add to the craziness! I really loved the way you described the car scene - I imagined it in this really film-noir feel X) (YAY SID!)

Oh my, sobering ending to this chapter - I do hope that everything's alright :S
10/24/2012 c12 xyzabc123098
I've been quite worried about Stella - the discomfort she'd been showing in the past chapters seemed more than just the usual "baby-kicking/moving" o_o & gah, complications with the baby!

The banter between Danny & Flack was short but perfect - I love their bromance and you're teasing exchange epitomized that so sweetly!
10/24/2012 c11 xyzabc123098
Gosh, Lucy hiding beneath the tree XD Lindsay's hysterics were much appreciated - as terrible as it is to say, I think it's because I always imagine Lindsay as the calm, practical one that I rather enjoy her in despairing situations.
I seriously love the dynamics you have between the couples - gah, my feels!
10/24/2012 c9 xyzabc123098
I was squealing over the story about Mac & Stella Flack told Jennifer! XD It was just too perfect!
I'm really liking Jennifer and Flack together - the way you write them is so sweet and lovely.
(Gosh, you created such a sweet, lovable Lucy - I'm so fond of her already. I think you have a flair for writing children!)
10/24/2012 c8 xyzabc123098
Hello, hello! I'm finally getting around to doing some reviews for this fabulous story! :D
I still really love the solid structure you have going in every chapter - the writing is just so full and has a lot of flow! &You have such a flair for vocabulary - I love all your word choices so much. My particular favorites from this chapter was how you portrayed Danny & Lindsay's cat-and-mouse relationship plus Lucy's cute exertions for candy. Oh and don't forget that beautiful passage in the middle when you have Flack watching Jennifer. :)
Can't wait to see where this is headed!
10/19/2012 c14 60cmaddict
So sorry for the extreme tardiness of this review... :( It's been a crazy week and a half, and I finally got a day off today.

That said... I KNEW IT! The ending, that is. :) (Imagine me shouting that as I read it.)

Anyway, I loved this chapter. So sweet with Danny and Lindsay at the beginning, and the scene where Mac and Stella ask Don to be godfather to Iris (beautiful name, by the way) just melted my heart. And I also loved the scene where Sid slowly reveals Jennifer's true identity. Excellent job as always, my friend. Can't wait until the next one!
10/14/2012 c14 12BeTheDream
Yay! I'm so glad the baby is okay! Iris Rose is such a beautiful name :)
The ending was amazing!
Well done on a great chapter
Becca x
10/12/2012 c14 29Herrera
What a day of emotions for our friends in this chapter! Lily, you are as good as always, or even better. I enjoyed every word.
Don't be long updating, please.
10/11/2012 c14 8Strandstorken
Okay, I finally got to the review now. Sorry it took a while. :/ Anyway, I really like this chapter. The scene with Don and Danny (and Lindsay) was really great! I like how Lindsay was affected by it all, and Don and Danny's conversation about Lucy was really fun to read. :D

My favourite part was the scene where Don sees the baby. :D I love how he gets all nervous when he's asked to be the godfather. :D I still feel sorry for Stella though, having to go through all that for her baby girl.
I also really like how Sid figures out the thing with Jennifer in the end, and that Don gets all protective. :D
10/10/2012 c14 4SMackedCaskett
Phew, so glad the baby is OK! I really like the name :)

Now I also understand Lindsay's reaction!
10/9/2012 c14 conche
Ms. Lily: you never disappoint, although I must admit I did figure out who the mysterious woman was. I am sincerely hoping that this story will end with "they all lived happily ever after." Uncle Don would make a great godfather.
10/9/2012 c14 Georgia
Awww! This is the cutest story ever! I love it! Iris Rose is such a cute name! Yey :) OMG JESSICA ANGEL IS BACK! Please don't kill her off :( she shouldn't of gone! Her and Don can make little babies? Awww! Perfect story :) keep up the brilliant work and update soon? :D :D :D
10/9/2012 c14 171Crowded Angels
Still smiling! Lovely chapter, my dear. Everyones reactions to the new arrival were adorable and Flack being unsure whether he coukd live up to the task of godparenthood was so sweet.
I loved Mac being in full protective mode and how Stella had been in labour for three days - very much in character!
I also loved how you segued back to the mystery of Jennifer/Jessica and how it was Hammerback who was the detective this time.
Looking forward to how you handle the big reveal!x
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