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10/9/2012 c14 LawandOrderForeverCSI
Wow that is an awesome ending Lily! Great job!
10/9/2012 c14 13kaidiii
Amazing!Very nice moments! Beautiful name! I enjoy it! Very well written!:):):)
10/9/2012 c14 14Ballettmaus
Hey... maybe I should have warned you so you don't topple over because I'm reviewing already... Anyway, I like the changes you made and how it made the chapter sort of smooth. I like the addition at the beginning, the moment it gives Danny and Lindsay and I find that with the changes that one has a chance to stand out more. Same with the chat about the food, Don being worried about needing to be saved some apple pie and then not having been saved. I also like the end, the changes you made to that work very well, I find. It gives the scene a chance to have the impact it deserves to have and pushes the birth of the baby into the background as it should be at this point.
Great chapter! :-)
9/27/2012 c13 54suallenparker
There is so much action and tension in this chapter! I enjoyed the read a lot. IT's so cute when Mac carries stuborn Stella upstairs and I felt for Don when the car broke down. That must've been so frustrating! I would've cursed too.
I loved the dialogue between Don and Danny. It was such a soft, vulnerable moment between them and I'm glad they are such good friends to talk to each other. I'm glad that Lindsay and Danny are finally talking about their issues!
The scene was so full of tension as Don and Danny could hear Stella scream and still were unable to do anything to help her. Well done!
I'm glad the baby and Stella were okay at the end. :) That must've been a relief for everybody!
Your writing as always was so fluent and you have such great eye for detail and atmosphere. Well done! I know this chapter was a bit of a struggle for you, but it turned out great! Probably my favorite chapter of the story (big surprise! me liking the scene where all the characters are in great emotional distress. I'm so cruel!).
And I have to say it again: Well done!
9/20/2012 c13 LawandOrderForeverCSI
Whoa that was intense and what a cliffhanger! Awaiting the next update!
9/19/2012 c13 12Forest Angel
Another great chapter. I felt really sorry for Mac having to get Stella upstairs and Don being out in the storm. Hope neither suffer any consequences as a result and they all all get to celebrate the new arrival. Lucy will be be surprised when she wakes up! More soon please.
9/18/2012 c13 12BeTheDream
I really hope everything's okay! I hope that it isn't what I'm thinking :( This was a great chapter!
9/18/2012 c13 8Strandstorken
Okay, I'll start from the top and try to leave a proper review this time. :)

First, I really like the way you show Mac and Stella struggling even though the story is in Don's point of view. I think it adds a different (better! :P) feeling to the scene than if you'd focused more on them. I also love how Mac keeps his head clear, and knows it's better just to do what Stella says in that situation. Especially when he lets her move upstairs. I guess Mac doesn't really want his baby to be born in a hallway anyway.
Don's fight with both the phone and the car, and his frustration is really great, but really, you're being very mean to him. XD I love his heroic act of running to get the doctor though, so that does make up for it. :P
The conversation between Don and Danny is probably my favourite part in this chapter, with them both being very worried and probably feeling rather useless too. It's a great scene for Don. :D

Update soon! :D
9/18/2012 c13 29Herrera
Enjoying the new chapter here, and a new English's lesson.
A lot of drama but finally we have a new Taylor un our Fic-world.
Congratulations, it's a great chapter.
9/17/2012 c13 2CreggaFoeseeker
Oh thank goodness. Stella's alright. Love your imagery of the rain. I could almost feel it, could almost hear it pounding in the roof... Splendid work. Until next time.
9/17/2012 c13 13kaidiii
Excellent!Glad Stella and baby girl are ok. To congratulate the birth of a baby girl. Good moments! Happy family together and complete. Wonderful work!
“In the eyes of a child…there is joy, there is laughter… there is hope, there is trust, a chance to shape the future…”
Air Supply
A baby girl…
one of the most beautiful miracles in life,
one of the greatest joys we can ever know,
and one of the reasons why
there is a little extra sunshine, laughter and happiness
in your world today.
9/16/2012 c13 Georgia
Yeyyy! Stella had her baby. I love this story. Danny and Flack's moment 'waiting' was so funny. Love it! Update soon, I need to know the babies name :D
9/16/2012 c13 171Crowded Angels
The baby's okay, right? Lindsey was just overcome with emotions and exhaustion at the birth of her niece, right? RIGHT?

Fantastic chapter, hun. I loved how you bypassed the gore and technicalities of eriting childbirth by showing it from Danny and Don's POV on the outside, where it was undoubtedly more scary than being in the room, where you can only hear what's going on. Really nicely done.

I love the jibes between Don and Danny too- the 'Which half?' line was brilliant!

Looking forward to Daddy Taylor with his little baby daughter- i'm grinning already! :D x
9/16/2012 c13 18scrumdiddilyumptious
Oh wow. I started reading this ages ago but then RL put it on the back burner and I've only just gotten back to this one. I think your descriptions are lovely; you capture the very essence of everything that you write in such a beautiful way with very little waffle. I find it really inspiring - unfortunately, I'm a big waffler. I loved seeing Stella's pregnancy from the outsider's perspective with Don and Danny hearing snippets without really knowing what's going on. I also absolutely adored the camaraderie between these two, it was something that was very true to form and I thought you wrote it very well. I’m hoping that we get to see more of this in future chapters. I think Lindsay’s tears were happy, awestruck, exhausted tears rather than impending doom tears and I actually prefer that because it shows the whole emotions and way that everyone’s been affected by Stella’s early birth. Definitely looking forward to meeting the baby – and I suspect Lucy’s greeting of the baby will be adorable.
9/16/2012 c13 14Ballettmaus
I like the few changes you made; the window part at the beginning works well and at the end, the changes work as well. Also, when Flack tells Sid what's going on I feel it works better with the dots, it gets across what is supposed to happen very well.
It's probably one of my favorite chapters if not my favorite. It has such a good pace and the banter between Danny and Don, as I said, is great. My favorite part is the "are you decent" part.
I like the more or less opening line, when Don points out that the baby is too early. It's such a natural reaction that doesn't make any sense which is well expressed in Stella's reply.
The details about the phone and the car ride are great; I really love how you described the car and Flack talking to it.
As I said, one of my favorite chapters, if not my favorite :-D
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