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8/13/2016 c3 40LRRH17
I know it's been so long, but I discovered this story after reading a slew of not-great things in an attempt to build my WarFrost community archive...and it's just fantastic. Your characterizations felt so spot-on, it was like a real prequel. Bravo! :)
10/25/2014 c3 4Hekka
Maid that wants to be the goddess of war, declaring her faithfulness to "honesty" and "directness"... What a ridiculous notion (the war is everything but these). Sif or more naive and stupid than I realized, or a hypocrite (or a little of everything - and then it become clear why she doesn't see Loki's true motives).
10/25/2014 c2 Hekka
In fact, according to the movie, Loki is not particularly inferior (if inferior) to Thor in physical strength (without hammer and seidr): Yes, he used an illusion no Thor, but Thor was with Mjolnir. And at the rest of the fight was no actual superiority on either side (it was look very much like Loki just conceded the fight to Tor, expecting him to finish it with fatal hit). So I'm always surprised when Loki always describe like someone actually weaker than Thor and any of his cohorts. It seems especially strange to me that the strategist as Loki didn't use that advantage of his (knowing Thor so many years, he certainly couldn't not know weaknesses of his brother's fighting style) and lost in a pair with Sif...
4/8/2014 c3 10Rehabilitated Sith
Ahhhh the tension! Stupid Loki! Stupid sif!
1/8/2014 c3 Dean
Thaannkkk youu so much for sharing this fic! I had a really great time reading it. You wrote it beautifully. I love your Sif and Loki dearly. You should write more stories about them. The way you described their relationship, slow but so real, I really love it. I enjoy this truly. So yes, I think you should write more and moreee stories of them. You are amazing! Love your work ;))
12/17/2013 c2 Dean
Love it! The first two chapters are very entertaining. I love the way you described Loki's feelings in details. I really like your Loki and Sif characters. Thanks for sharing the fic. One more chapter to go ;)
11/27/2013 c3 M3TA4S
Wow i just listened to a sad song reading this great fic to see it come to a end! Loved it by the way :)
1/1/2013 c3 Isaha
Holy hell. Wow. I mean it. I'm so sorry I didn't review the other chapters, because I was engrossed in the story the only thing I could think about was relieving my starved mind. It was so, so good, and I've read quite a lot of fanfictions to this day. It's pretty rare that I have the pleasure to read such a beautifully written, chest-tightening story, I actually believed I was going to cry. Everything here makes perfect sense. The terrible and constant belittling, Loki's efforts to be accepted, his seemingly never-ending pain at being denied even this. I'd kill for a sequel, but even as a die-hard Loki/Sif shipper I acknowledge that there are too many things left unsaid, so much issues and pain around the both of them that them being together is practically impossible. Anyway, thank you so, so much for writing this gem of a story ! (And happy new year!)
11/6/2012 c3 52Lady Charity
Whoawhoawhoa, what a story. This definitely deserves a lot more attention. It was so deliciously long and complex and ahhh, full of conflicting feels. I have to say, I definitely related to Loki a lot with the whole unrequited affection thing, and to see it penned so accurately and in such good prose really hit the spot for me in a good way. Wow, you seriously captured Loki and Sif's emotions greatly here, and now I have an urge to write Loki/Sif as well because GOSHDARNIT ARE YOU MAKING ME SHIP THEM? NOOO I CANNOT YIELD I AM ALREADY UP TO MY NECK WITH SHIPS...but of course, your story did a fantastic job of portraying them. I love how they don't keel over for each other, that they still have a lot of mistrust (distrust?) in each other and wariness, and yet they can't deny that they care for each other, as ruined and broken as it is. I love how you incorporated Norse mythology just the right amount; not so crazy that Loki has a bajillion children and things get complicated, but enough to give the story a mythological and fairy-tale ish feel that makes it great.

""Never blindly," she interrupted him again, severely. "I will always choose Thor, over anyone, and in view of the recent circumstances, especially over you."

For a moment, she regretted her words, but it was too late. The words were spoken and she meant them."

You know that feeling you get when all of a sudden you feel a pain somewhere between your sternum and the base of your throat and you SWEAR it has to be heartache? Totally felt it at that line, just trying to imagine how Loki would feel hearing those words. Those are some really tough words, especially after what Loki found out in regards to his adoption. Wow, what an effect.

I really wish I could know how your Sif would react in regards to Loki falling from the Bifrost. Ohh, how deliciously angsty that would be. Potential sequel maybe?! Please?

Beautiful, beautiful job. And man, those last lines. Love the sudden darkness.
9/10/2012 c3 2trotthefox
But...I want more...:(.
Beautifully written, loved it!
8/15/2012 c3 Random One
I've been meaning to leave a review for some time now, but I keep getting distracted.
This is a rare kind of story. There is something very realistic in this. The flaws that each character has makes them that much more believable and grounded.
Well, I'm hoping for a sequel. The road to reconciliation is never an easy one, but I get that you might have to watch "The Avengers" multiple times in both theater and on dvd before something comes together.
But seriously, Loki and Sif in this story seem to be very much meant to be together, but only Loki seems to see this. Sif herself just seems thwart the potential of her own happiness over and over again. Rejecting Loki's friendship in childhood in favor of Thor, mocking him until he lashes back at her by changing her hair, a kiss in the garden that ends with her running away, all the way up to the final rejection right before he is placed on the throne by Frigga. The romantic and familial disappointments are increasingly brutal.
My inner masochist brings me back to this story from time to time because lets face it, this is a great story.
Enough said.
7/26/2012 c3 5GlimmerHutcherson
The end is perfect.
7/26/2012 c2 GlimmerHutcherson
I really love this story. It's just like how I imagined lokif.
7/12/2012 c3 12HoistTheColours
What a STUNNING finale, my friend. Wow. May I just say that I believe this final chapter has been your best yet? Your writing is impeccable, and I have said it once and I will say it again: the way you altered your prose to fit this story was remarkable. I found that I kept having to remind myself that YOU wrote this because this all just sounds so... professional. And I mean that as a compliment. This caliber of writing is the type that one day may get you published. So for that I say excellent, excellent job.

I think one of my favorite bits was when you wrote, 'With Thor gone and lost in a strange place Odin had chosen for his punishment, she felt forlorn and confused, a warrior without her leader, a ship without sails.' A ship without sails. I love the imagery you bring forth there, and also, it's such a fitting thought for Sif to have. Thor had no doubt provided the encouragement and the support that Sif so dearly needed to become a warrior-she herself admits to as much in the movie. Now that he's gone, however, she feels a hole, a void, and trying to function-knowing that he is so far away, in a 'strange place'-is near impossible for her. It's so heartbreaking, but the way you worded that sentence was just beautiful.

Another one of my favorite parts was when you wrote, 'Asgard was his home and he would defend it. Now that he was king, he decided that he should punish everyone who had ever wronged him. Even her.

Luckily, she broke the fantasy only a few moments ago, choosing where her allegiance lay.’ Ugh, you portray Loki’s nastiness and cruelty so perfectly. I loved how you chose to say, “broke the fantasy”, for that is exactly how Loki viewed their blossoming feelings for each other. Saying that it was only “fantasy” suggests that Loki thinks it something of a joke, that it was unreal or mythical, maybe, and even outlandish. Great choice in wording.

And finally, the ending. Oh, the ending. You deserve a prize for this, because I was so impressed when I read this: ‘Boy became man, and man became king. Everything was clear.
Loki of Asgard was king.

And now – kneel, or die.’ -Kneel, or die. YES. Yes, yes, yes! I just want to give you a hug, or a high five, because that is AWESOME, and I can so easily picture Loki thinking or saying that. The way you chose to portray his feelings towards Asgard and the Frost Giants-wow. I love how he still feels loyalty to Asgard even after finding out the horrible truth of what he really is. Then again, why would he feel allegiance towards a race who essentially left him on the streets to die?

But of course, as the reader, we know his purpose is skewered, and he, as king of Asgard, won’t rule with the same mercy and kindness that Odin once did, unfortunately for the people of Asgard.

Ugh, I don’t even know what more to say, this whole fic has just been such a joy to read-each sentence was so marvelously crafted. You have a gift! Thank you for writing this!

Most Sincerely,
7/5/2012 c1 6Whenyourerightyoureright
Okay. This fanfiction was completely amazing! It's rare to come across such a rare awaome story like this, so im officially obsessive of Loki and sif!
There were a few parts I liked the most though. I really liked the dance, and hair, and the scene were sif, Thor, and Loki were all fighting and he used his magic. I just love him when he's angry! (except for when he breaks sif's arm :))
Anyway I hope you countinue to write this story, or make a sequel. I would really like to see if Sif will go with Loki or not! But until then, keep writing :) I'd love to see your other works!
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