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11/23 c2 jmsdragn
You need to stick to one name for August, it's confusing
11/9 c7 ErwinvonBeckendorf
11/9 c3 ErwinvonBeckendorf
Nice chapter
11/2 c12 4Revliledpembroke
I still kinda expect to see that the Eldar *haven't* been completely wiped out. After all, if they were able to fight off that many Reapers previously, I don't see why they couldn't have captured one, patched any holes, stuffed it full of as many people as possible, and then sent the ship out into the galactic rim, dark space, or one of the dwarf galaxies orbiting the Milky Way.
8/31 c3 32Tellemicus Sundance
Lol, no shots fired? Especially when dealing with the Imperium's absolute xenophobic mentality? I gotta admit to being really surprised and even a touch disappointed. Oh well ...
8/15 c1 Guest
Tldr decent fic that has split the community in two after a few issues into the new replacement author's story around chapter 23 iirc, if you like the first 20 chapters then there is a sub 50% chance you would not enjoy the future chapters.
7/12 c4 yeah
an aeldari finding someones fantasies as disgusting...
6/29 c33 Junk47
Hope you two back to continue this beautiful story.
4/29 c33 Trumpster15
Love this story. Really getting interesting now that we are getting to the end of the game, can't wait to see what you do with it.
4/5 c20 Spacemonkey777
I absolutely disagree with Shepard! He is being a total retard. Imperium has such draconic, often nonsensical measures because they fight bloody draconic, nonsensical things! A bioweapon spore lifeforms that get stronger with fights, future reading race who have D-weapons as hand-held guns, Drukari who still have the entire pinnacle of Eldar tech, Necrons whose science is bloody magic even to Aeldari of old, Tyranid cataclysm and don't even get me started on Daemons and Chaos Gods. Rebels should have quietly executed the planetary governor if they could. Not riot like dumbass idiots and burn everything. Shepard is a dumbass in this case, trying to impose his view of galactic ideals on a reality where literal gods once fought on battlefields and now thousand species wage war both material and immaterial in a slaughter-fest amongst all. Sure imperium has many things that can be improved but literally any other regime would not have lasted even a tenth of time Imperium endured. The idea of hereditary planetary governors and nobility is stupid but in the universe where each planet can casually be isolate by warp storms for centuries at a time it makes sense. If anything it was the fault of local Administrutum who didn't see the amount of resources the planet had and should have simply raised the tithe to the point Governor didn't have much excess. If one had a better-appointed sector superior one can make a borderline amazing empire and Ultramar has proven it. There is a reason why the Inquisition would burn a million innocent on the off-chance they were contaminated with chaos, because the alternative is hundreds of billions dying and joining Chaos Gods. 'Innocence proves nothing' is their creed and it is there for a reason. In the galaxy without a safe and reliable FTL the house dynasty is realistically, the only way to build any kind of long-lasting centralized government spread across a million worlds. Look, I am not saying uncorrupted, incompetent or outright idiotic. I am saying long-lasting. Still better than re-conquering the planet every few centuries! Said palace would have attracted the attention of Adeptus Administratum either way within a few years tops or an inquisitor even sooner and it would have been most likely built anyway, sure. But most likely slightly repurposed into a continent-sized defense bastion and planet reclassified into a fortress where the next governor will have to follow tithes that meet the scale of the planetary installation. In the atrocious warfare of Imperium sacrifice, albeit I admit often unnecessary, is the ONLY way to fight and survive. If people followed idiotic suggestions of liberal ideals of Shepard Imperium would have been extinguished long ago in the War of the Beast, Tyranid Leviathan War, or literally a hundred other major wars Imperium had since its foundation. Literally extarminatusing their own planets with galactic scale scorch earth policy to stop the invasion in Tyranid cases. Trillions dying and Imperium pushes on. Alliance on the other hand following idiotic principles of freedom was left completely unprepared for the Reaper invasion. Now place an Imperium war machine and give them an Inquisitorial Lord (Specter analog) who claims that an all-consuming AI will invade in 2 years tops. What do you get, you get Octavian War. You get the entire segmentum mobilize the FUCK out of EVERYONE because inquisitor knew Tyranid fleet was coming! Planets evacuated and abandoned of military presence to consolidate power. EVERYONE who could answered the call for TOTAL mobilization and entrenchment. Some people rebelled a little but it was quickly squashed and entire sectors began digging in and preparing for the last stand. System Alliance on the other hand is taking pissy baby steps discrediting their own agents and doing jack shit due to fear of 'social unrest' and 'political ramifications'. Fuck that! Here, the Commander of the Segmentum gave the order to prepare for an apocalyptic war and EVERYONE dropped fucking everything and began preparing for an APOCALYPTIC WAR! And Imperium has those that threaten the entire Imperium every couple of centuries! Now look at snowflake System Alliance, by the end of their AI war they were closer to Imperium in their way of life than they were to Alliance. Now imagine 10,000 years of endless warfare on a thousand fronts against a million hostile xeno species and fucking deamons of literal hell. Obviously, an entire species of humans would be jaded xenophobes who persist through sheer belief and sacrifice. I am not defending that specific planetary governor in this chapter but the Imperium is stronger the way it is now than the way Shepard described it and trying to push for those, lets be honest NAIVE ideals is moronically suicidal at best. I mean, System Alliance is like very early Tau. Young and naive. But the more Tau expended the more insane horrors they witnessed the closer to Imperium ideals of being more mistrusting and jaded of others, believing in personal sacrifices, and enduring for the sake of sheer fucking survival of their species they got. I yield my case. Thoughts?
3/28 c20 2the.mad.nimrod
I been rereading thus and I just had an epiphany. Between EDI bolstering her cyberwarfare suites and the addition of high-grade fencing bots, I doubt the Collector's attack on the Normandy will go according to Canon. XDD
3/8 c33 Guest
This story should have died when the original author left, all that remains is a slightly tone deaf and tone shifted mess catered towards a sheltered audience.
1/31 c33 snow in the darkness
What I appreciate the most about this story other than the plot is the knowledge. I mean after Halo I have always been interested with 40k but even with reading the wiki there is still a lot of things that I do not understand and you basically give me the brief but enough information to understand the universe, now I could actually read 40k universe without being confuse so I really appreciate this. Thank you
1/18 c33 Nomin Cognito
Read the whole thing thus far from chapter one to here. Both the original author and the new one have done excellent work. I don't normally post reviews or comments but I saw some truly awful responses from certain respondents.

My message to the current author is this.

You clearly have a passion for the material. As someone who loves both 40k and Mass Effect I can see that in your writing.

You have done an excellent job matching the style of the author that came before you. To me the transition between their part and yours felt nearly seemless.

I like what you have written, and eagerly await the next installment. Thank you for bringing some extra joy to my life. Don't listen to the haters.
1/15 c5 1aperson1234567890
It's such a minor thing, but the Greeks actually did know the Earth was round and came up with an estimation of the circumference that is surprisingly close to the actual measurement.
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