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for The Mission Stays the Same

4h c1 Dasgun
4h c33 gardren
Oh my, I like like this fic! I hope continue will come!:)
10/26 c33 Dasgun
10/24 c33 1one damn Guardsman
i have to say after discovering this fanfic a week ago i have read the entire thing through and I must compliment the new authors ability to take over the story. I'm looking forward to more when I get back from infantry osut. this is the best crossover fan fic i have ever read period.
10/23 c33 Guest
Just saying: When I don’t like a story, I simply stop reading it. That’s it. I certainly won’t throw a hissy fit because a story written by an Author without getting paid for his/her efforts is not measuring up to my expectations. In other words: I would NEVER even consider complaining about something I’m getting for free.
10/16 c2 allison61509
Found it again
10/13 c20 Kolek Blood Drinker
Man is not sad that this fic ended after just 20 chapters? There was so much potencial that we sadly are not gonna see again, but at least it was not given to someone who does not know how to continue the story or how to write characters ...
10/5 c33 1NaniteSystems
They are totally going to get Indoctrinated. Great work :)
9/21 c33 Love it
Awesome story. I don't get some of these reviews. I think the scene with August was done well. The manipulation of his mind goes well with the overall aesthetic of eldar in general. More importantly it causes Shepard to question her own morals. Just like the Farseer is starting to question her own beliefs. I think the romance is going well with the Imperial and the Farseer. First, he is starting to see her as a woman/companion and she is starting to see him as an equal. A nice slow burn. Thank you for continuing this story. Don't let the reviews get you down.
9/19 c7 1Lord Astrum
I’m guessing the fic is dead then? five Months and no update?
8/27 c11 Nox Deus
Ok i'm done with this, wtf is the point to take a man from the imperium in a universe like mass effect if its to make it forgot his xenophobia in less than 10 chapter, a fucking soldier from w40k joking with Xeno and shit
All w40k crossover do this at some point become lack of balls but at least they wait and dont do this so quickly
8/27 c8 Nox Deus
wtf a soldier from the imperium have no problem with xeno so soon and even handle his journal
8/27 c4 Nox Deus
It's seem like all Warhammer crossover writer you have no balls to make a true Xenophobic Protagonist
8/9 c23 JerrysDead12
Can't be the only one who ships these two, can I?
8/6 c33 14RhysThornbery
Just wanted to say that I love this story. Both writers have been awesome. I wonder if Maeteris and Tali will discuss the similarity between the migrant fleet and Craftworlds…
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