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for The Mission Stays the Same

10/13 c7 icrawler
This story is good but I finally figured out why reading this feels like I'm developing dementia.

Why the hell does the text keep switching between first name and last name? Stick to one standard for god's sake.
9/30 c31 Coccineus
Another great chapter! Keep up the good work!
9/16 c28 Bruh.io82
Hey! Where's the DAOT doomsday device?
9/8 c1 Dragomancer
Falciatore, what the heck are you on about just because she left a rune behind doesn’t mean Cerberus suddenly can use the warp. Eldar runes are meant to help channel an eldar’s power in order to minimize their presence in the warp and to better refine the spells they cast. Without a pysker the rune is little more than a fancy piece of wraithbone. Even then if Cerberus tried to use the warp they’d more than likely die before gaining any useful information.
9/7 c31 Scoolio
It’s times like this that I love this fic.
9/6 c31 1W8W
Maeteris putting war mask was great scene.

Compressions to orcs were funny.

High explosive armor piercing gun sounds like bolter.

I wonder if Zaeed will try to appease machine spirit. If he like his gun so much he may try even craziest idea.

Maeteris tearing thru Collectors were really impressive.

Ending of the chapter was most fascinating. The Illusive Man may be asshole but his words have merit.

Don't tell me that Kai Leng will try to use sword against Howling Banshees. It would be fun to see.

I wonder what deal Maeteris had in mind. The Illusive Man want to be cautious but I hope that between her and Reapers tech he will chose former. We saw in canon how meddling with Reapers technology went. Eldar at least give some chance on benefiting.
9/5 c31 A Random Friend
Fantastic update, always happy to see more of this!
9/5 c31 15Vanessa Masters
Who're you calling sentimental?"

Victoria folded her arms. "Uh huh. Want to tell me the story of Jessie again?"

"Jessie?" August asked.

"His first true love," Victoria sighed, placing a melodramatic hand over her heart.

"I don't know that we need to go into that," Zaeed said.

"A truly tragic tale," Victoria continued relentlessly. "It's got it all – a man and his reliable partner, a bond forged in the fires of battle, until the lady rifle had had enough killing and decided to retire. It's very moving."

August looked at Zaeed. "It just stopped firing?"

"Never got her to shoot again, no matter what I did."

"Sounds like her machine spirit needs appeasement."


Huh, interesting.

Lol August choking at the orc blood comment.

Oooh what's mae planning with the illusive man? Hmmm
9/5 c31 Ernest.Shippinglane89
Great last scene. Now I wonder if TIM can get his hands on some blanks. He will need it.
9/4 c31 AyeJimmy123
9/4 c31 Josiador
Oh Throne, Kai "I got my ass handed to me by a cancer patient" Leng is here. Kai Leng the Hedgehog. Kai "nothing personal kid" Leng. Kai "I eat other people's cereal because I'm an adrenalin junkie" Leng. And Kai "This isn't actually Asari military command" Leng is going to be trying to fight a Farseer. I almost feel sorry for him.
9/4 c31 26Cyricist001
Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!
9/4 c31 Astraltower
Always good to see an update of this story. Still, Maeteris has been dominating the storyline for quite a while and turning one of the hardest battles in ME2 into the easy mod. We haven't seen much of her interactions with other characters, especially August, since they don't have much chance to be together.
9/4 c31 1falciatore1669
So the Farseer gave the illusive man the Key for the warp. With that stone a entire new dimension of power will be discovered, along with an entire field of exotic mathematics will aid in the development of mind shattering revelations on the nature of their reality is open to the taking, with ground breaking equations. When harnessed with industrial machines new alloys will be produced, new Energy generators produced and all of that will lay the way for the developing of the warp engine and the Gellar field. The warp side effect of mutation will spark new biotechnological achievements.

So, Maeteris gave the key to domination of the galaxy to the illusive man's hands. But is it really a gift or a poison chalice? We know how hard the emperor fought to limitate the knowledge of the warp in his imperium, he kept some information inaccessible even to his sons.

And here is the error of the Illusive man. information do begets power and the power of the warp is limitless. How much power the illusive man will be able to control?
9/4 c31 Warga
Only an Eldar.
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