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for Desperation REWRITEN!

10/5/2011 c4 44kakashikrazy256
Job job! Keep going! UPDATE SOON! :D
10/5/2011 c3 kakashikrazy256
It's getting good. I notice fewer mistakes and more details. You spelled Suzuki wrong though. UPDATE SOON THANKS! Conan's in trouble!
10/5/2011 c7 10fan girl 666
very awsome and evil chapter scene i like that you made Gin more insane in this chapter
10/5/2011 c6 fan girl 666
very cool chapter Conan was so close to getting away but i can tell he's ticked Gin off
10/5/2011 c5 fan girl 666
KID has a very interesting pre-hiest recording
10/5/2011 c4 fan girl 666
very cool chapter i love the KID riddle
10/5/2011 c3 fan girl 666
very cool chapter i can just imagine Vermouth with the same face as Conan's mom when he called her obasan
10/5/2011 c2 fan girl 666
very cool chapter from Gin's perspective

i forgot to add in the first chapter that i plan to review this story like it's new so i should warn you that i'm going to review all of your newly rewritten chapters
10/5/2011 c1 fan girl 666
very awsome first chapter or your rewrite
10/5/2011 c7 C. Rinkuki Takato
Whoa! Gin, you're cruel (yeah, you ARE)! Poor Conan-kun...

By the way, you really did make some changes... Some of them are good, some are not... The one missed is his words towards Conan after he shot his leg & preparing the knife... It sounded like he reall did enjoying torturing (while introgating) & killing him slowly. Very realistic, I'd say...

I think that's all I could say: my source is kinda slow, & I just read this chapter because I have something to do... Thanks
10/5/2011 c7 8Silentlane491
Nice work on rewriting your story. The torture scene was well done and this version is a great improvement. I wonder will Conan be blind in one eye or will he have a scar over it? I hope you update your story soon.
10/4/2011 c2 44kakashikrazy256
Good job on fixing mistakes. Just one thing you spelled Vermouth wrong. UPDATE SOON THANK YOU!
10/4/2011 c1 kakashikrazy256
Thanks for rewriting this! I can see the changes you made. I'm going to be a nice person and review every chapter as I reread it. UPDATE SOON!
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