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5/13 c1 techtsumi
Wait, was valka in Hitchups?
3/21 c1 2VenomousFantum
This, this was great. I binge read hitchups even tho I have college in the morning just so I could read this amazing story. I was very disappointed in the lack of Cami in the final chapters of Hitchups but this made it all so worth it and all so perfect. It's kind of bittersweet almost but I always like the Hiccup and Cami stuff just because I feel it is super underappreciated considering she unfortunately made it into the shows or movies.
Thank you
3/26/2021 c1 Rojas-L
I love it! I love it I love it I love it I swear to you that since I read Hitchups, specifically those "conception" campitles, when Hiccup comes back and throws Cami's tea he already suspected that there was a baby involved, I confess that I was a bit disappointed to read the epilogues you uploaded in "Without a Hitch "Because I didn't read anything about my hiccami baby torias, so you have no idea how happy I am, today, after almost 2 years of reading Hitchups and discovering that my theory was true! literally my heart keeps jumping with excitement.
It was a beautiful chapter. I just hope that in another life, after Ragnarok, Hiccup and Camicazi manage to be happy together and have the life of peace, love and adventure that they deserve so much.
I do not know if you are still active or if you will read this but I just wanted to express to you how great your fanfic was and how happy this oneshot made me.
Really, thanks for writing it
7/6/2020 c1 Anonymous
I hate you so much! It was so sweet I cried. I love this so much, really beautiful story.
6/9/2020 c1 Hitchups Fan
I read Hitchups many moons ago and I forgot how much I loved this one shot. It's bittersweet. I would have loved this little family to have a happy ending, maybe even in a non-traditional way, but what you've written does still do their friendship and daughter justice. I'm going to re-read Hitchups again soon and I'm incredibly looking forward to it because I read it when you first posted it, so it's been a long time and it'll be like reading it for the first time all over again! Perhaps you've moved on from HTTYD fics now, but if you ever feel like writing a Hiccup/Camicazi story, I for one will line up to read it and love it! (I wasn't super happy with how the films ended, so it would be nice to read something with some quality and you're the best HTTYD writer on the planet!)
9/11/2018 c1 aspiringgeek
lol 'background incident (s) that led to Alivia' haha i see what you did there
6/8/2018 c1 LunarLitey
Quite amazing. I have to say i'm a big fan of your hitchups AU- any chances of therw ever being more? ...say, an alivia coming of age story or something?
7/13/2016 c1 Guest
That was so cooll
do another one
5/31/2016 c1 serpentard03
Ahhh I can't decide now who I ship Hiccup with the most! Too many feels. That was really cute though, loved it!
2/26/2016 c1 6Ultimateblack
Sweet ending, or more like, sweet one shot. If not for the books I would never have agreed to Hiccup and Camicazi (I support Hiccstrid). But they are so great as a couple, probably because Astrid is the movie adaption of Cami anyway. Bang up job, this is.
12/28/2015 c1 Serrena094
Loved it ! 3
11/18/2015 c1 12The Struggling Warrior
"I'm pregnant." The two words that will cause any man to have a minor panic attack. Hiccup took it better than I expected when I first read that letter, though.

Excellent followup. It give Camicazi a new purpose in the narrative. Way to put my one complaint in your story to shame. This brings up so many possibilities for Hiccup's relationship with Cami. Like a bird, he returns to his nest but never stays for long. And from how you put it, Alivia probably had far more contact with her father than any other Bog-Burgler.

I think that you actually could have put this in Hitchups as an epilouge and it would have worked just as well, but this was a nice extra to add in. Side observations: So Hichup does end up being in a relationship (a more unusual one admittedly) with some version of Stormfly's rider, huh? This story makes me glad to live in a time where men can have an active role in birth control. A child with Cami's temperament, but Hichup's intelligence...So I'm guessing Ragnarok comes when Alivia is grown up, because I can picture her bringing an end to the world.

Thank you for the story.
9/21/2015 c1 A Wild Tree
Great XD, i spent a long time reading Hitchups and i thought i was clever at using this plot point. Turns out its been done since 2011! Well they do say "Great minds think alike". But yes this story is a fantastic addition to the Hitchups AU. I can still run with this.

(P.S I can guess at what your gonna be writing next)
8/26/2015 c1 TheNightstriker
2/20/2015 c1 mordreek
This was so adorable and hilarious at the same time.

Note to self, do not engage in a flame war with a pint sized viking queen who is pregnant...good to know.
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