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for Third Person

1/1/2019 c1 Rinshomaru
Oh my gosh, this is just too cute to be true.
I can die peacefully now :-) 3 T_T

Great work and great idea why Rin is talking in third person!
4/8/2018 c1 XuntitledX
You did an amazing job, the reason rin gave for speaking third person made my heart melt ️. I’d love a squel to this based on her last statement of marrying Sesshōmaru ️️️.
9/28/2017 c1 lynxytheone
This is the sweetest story ever! Sooo much cuteness
2/5/2016 c1 Guest
Kyaaa! Love it! Sequel please!
3/9/2015 c1 SayonaraKuroi
4/30/2014 c1 Guest
Awww so cute! Great write!
9/23/2013 c1 overninethousand
sesshomaruandrinfaq . blogspot . com

sesshomaruandkagurafaq . blogspot . com
5/21/2013 c1 shannaro-sakura
Nice Story, I really enjoyed reading! :)
11/30/2012 c1 Ding
That's such a good reason! I can honestly say I've never thought of that before. This is a magnificent piece of work by the way, write away, o wonderful author. Chow!
10/1/2012 c1 19fhclause
Wow, what a great idea and how well the story turned out! Great job!
9/11/2012 c1 Storylady35
Kayieeeeeeeeeeeeee so cute! Story lady loved this story!
5/30/2012 c1 aster23
OMG, i'm touched so deeply. it's a wonderful fiction
4/30/2012 c1 Moonlight Mermaid
I loved, so cute and sweet :) I'm going to sequel lol
11/14/2011 c1 2Owlrose
So cute how Sess finally opened up about to Rin about how important she is to him. It was really sweet to see how close the two of them have become. Great story!
11/1/2011 c1 10GwenuitHolland
Well inspiste that you said it was a better story, I cannot decide between them. Rin is so cute that she worries about such things. I feel a bit bad for Jaken though :P Rin can be such a sneaky person hihi

Thank you for wishing me luck by the way, I need it. This will be my first one-shot, my former two stories are very long.:)

Good luck yourself too!
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