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for Crime is Passion

8/13/2015 c4 Coffee.Loving.Hunter
I really love this story amazing plot would love of it was continued
1/4/2014 c4 4Divergent-Chameleon-Wise Girl
Wow! What a twist seriously this is great the family relations with grant and bex... This is amazing please update soon! Love it!
12/2/2013 c4 RainbowBlood
I love this. It is well written, although the ending is a bit confusing. I couldn't tell who was talking when. Great job. I would be really thankful if you would perhaps update, but I know life can get pretty hectic and busy. One of the best Heist fics I've read so far(other than one-shots). Maybe Grant and Bex could help the gang escape? And then turn to the dark side when they start realizing how much they love and miss it and their family? Then they all steal Gillian's sword and maybe an art piece or two? The CIA sends the GGs undercover on a mission to find it and the con artists? Just a few ideas. Once again thank you so much for being willing to share your writing.
7/9/2013 c4 Cupcake46813
Please continue writing. I love ur story
5/10/2013 c4 Guest
Please update! love the storie!
5/5/2013 c4 moonlighthunt21
Well I felt a little bit upset because this story was good at first but later on it is confusing. I don't know if I am the only who think that. I am sorry if my review hurts you I just want to say the truth...

-Nalyn :(
2/25/2013 c2 4Blueheaven8910
Hey this story seems like a good plot but I have trouble reading it. There is almost no punctuation and you also switch from present to past tense a lot. I'm not trying to be mean I just want to help you out (:
1/27/2013 c4 orphanaccxx
haha, I love this story. Please update as soon as you can?
1/14/2013 c4 44M1ssUnd3rst4nd1ng
Great plot; totally did not see the whole "related" thing coming. But I'm just going to be blunt: you're grammar needs work. It's pretty decent in some parts, even good, but in other parts it's, for lack of a better word, atrocious. You seem to have a very good idea of story, combined with a flair for the dramatic and a certain way with words, just that that way with words doesn't always fall within the realm of good English.
The whole "who, what why" something was just confusing. To be honest, after trying to make sense of the beginning three or four times, I just skipped the rest. Nobody realy talks like that, and it was really hard to follow.
My suggestion would be a beta; it never hurts to have a second opinion, "two heads are better than one," "measure twice, cut once," and all that. I would even be willing if you like.
I really hope I haven't offended you, that was not my intention at all. I truly apologize if I did. Keep up the story though!
11/21/2012 c4 avelinette
good story, but uncle eddie is kat's great uncle so he's pretty old . . . it's much, much, much more likely that he would be grant's grandfather. (a great uncle is the brother of a grandfather)
10/12/2012 c4 Awesomeness
PLZ UPDATE SOON! This story is really good! The last chap was a little confusing though... but still.
9/25/2012 c4 DreamingOnACloud
I love it! I never thought that they would be family!
7/19/2012 c3 6kneexsocks
Love it! Please update soon!
7/6/2012 c1 Guest
Brilliantly written. You really understand the way the characters think and saying it in a way that suits you story, giving it that unique feel.
2/19/2012 c3 2teamastley101
this is going really well
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