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for A Silver and Gold Lining

3/7/2021 c11 renowned-warrior
Good story, very sweet and I liked the whole old norse mythology thing.
But are you sure that you ment Sweden and not Norway. I mean there isn't really a straight way from UK to Sweden and especially not Stockholm. To me Norway would make som much more sense. Maybe not Oslo but Bergen, Trondheim, the area around Lofoten or some of all the national parks north of Trondheim.

No offence to Sweden (you guys are wonderful and as a dane who has grown up with a view to Øresund and Barsebäck Sweden will always be close to my heart)
11/27/2020 c16 Roseball
I love this story, it may be my favorite yet. I’ve read only Harry Potter fanfic with this pairing for several years now. ThankYou
6/24/2020 c8 XSiderX
They’re wizards. Aren’t they wizards? Why didn’t they use their magic?! I’m going ballistic here
6/15/2020 c3 eridene
Diagon Alley! All the way in London! To Sweden! Jesus! It would be a long boat ride! At least Harry knows? And the Minister, who I assume to be Kingsley. Someone from Hermione's side apart from her parents know what's going on. Of course Harry will go out of his way to help T_T aghhhhh my favorite best of friends! Someone blast Devlin please.
6/15/2020 c2 eridene
Well thank god that other man didn't attack when Draco kissed Hermione. It could be someone else other than that guy, Jon's cousin? Yeah? LMAO I look forward to how Harry and Ron will receive Draco's presence in the party for Hermione
6/15/2020 c1 eridene
/Much like him, to his chagrin./ OOOH HAHAHAHA I ALREADY LOVE THIS! The humor! Exquisite!

/Wouldn't Granger weep with joy when she heard all this good news?/

SKSKSKDMDKSKSKSD yes. She immediately disapparated. Way to go, Draco ksskkfkds
6/10/2020 c4 DracoLuver
Hermione is stupid. Well, she did marry a moron.
6/15/2019 c16 shapphire22
Aww~ I thought there would be some twist since Hermione had two different bloods in her system. I'm sure it would turn to be a dark story ༼o;༽
Thank you for writing this story (‿)
6/15/2019 c15 shapphire22
Whoah~ that was magical~! Draco was a prince! All Dramione fans here sure will go crazy~
6/15/2019 c14 shapphire22
It's here! It's here!
Why did you suddenly lost conscious in the middle, Draco?
6/15/2019 c13 shapphire22
The irony~ XD
Tsk, Draco, be careful w/ your words. See? It really happens! Now I realize how bleak their situation is, if she didn't finish the mating ceremony then Hermione would do that in the cave?
6/15/2019 c12 shapphire22
The ascension will begin~! Woot~ Woot~
6/15/2019 c11 shapphire22
It's here! Almost there, people~! Their dynamics make me confused, sometimes it's sweet then bitter, and becomes hot w/ fury. Maybe that's what happened if you're a descendant of magical creature XD
6/15/2019 c10 shapphire22
I can't say who I pity more, Draco or Hermione? The woman who wrote the journal means her great-grandmother? Or great-great-grandmother? XD
6/15/2019 c8 shapphire22
Rather than losing Hermione to Draco and lose his chance to be the most powerful Veela, it'd be better if he and Draco didn't become the most powerful Veela. What an idea~ *sarcastic*
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