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for I Want a Brother

10/4/2017 c2 104Alibi Nonsense
Gaara's all alone now! T-T *sniff* I love all the fluff, especially just before Gaara's going to sleep, when they're all snuggled up in bed together. :)
2/13/2016 c2 husnajamal21
This story is great.. poor little Gaara..
4/2/2014 c2 7Shinigami Merchant
Fits in really nicely with the canon and captures the characters perfectly, I loved it
11/2/2012 c2 2Lumpy1
Great story. I really can see this happening; I mean a couple of kids being confronted by things they don't understand and the adults simplifying the truth in order to protect them. Still if the kazekage had allowed them to keep seeing Gaara I'm betting a lot of problems would never have happened in the long run. Huh.
2/15/2012 c2 onetikakawachi
Oh, poor Gaara and the Kazekage is sooo mean.

But I love the story.
2/15/2012 c1 onetikakawachi
Awwww I love it!


Gaara and his siblings are so cutsy.
1/14/2012 c1 NInbri
WRITE MORE DUDE this story is like.Jesus in my.mouthxD
12/23/2011 c2 RandomKitty
Aww i feel so bad for gaara TT^TT
11/15/2011 c1 4chocovic-chu
it's cute when the siblings sleeping together, wanna get a pic for that scene too!

but, vic feels so pity in the end, no happy-cute ending like vic expected... DX

yet, the story is so great! vic loves it! good job!
11/14/2011 c2 7Mod Soul
As I'm too lazy to point out the little mistakes I found, like I did with Hate, I'm just going to say, that they are there and if you want to know them, just tell me and I write it down for you when I find some time to do so.

That said, I can only add that I really liked the second chapter. The first one was good as well, but it lacked something...I don't know what, but it was definitely there in the second one. XD

In chapter one they've still been kind of awkward around each other, which was replaced by the lightheartedness later.

I liked how you pictured them and the way they played with each other.

I really hoped (and for a short time thought) the sleeping would end well...(Seeing as Gaara had "something precious" at that time..), but well not everything can end well, can it?

Good work, looking forward to your next story/stories. =)
11/1/2011 c2 8Mommy Bear
Oh are they gonna so get into trouble when Uncle finds out they got his medical books sticky. And Kankuro accusing Temari of being afraid of the Wind - lol. I loved the thoughtfulness of their Uncle, especially in buying PJs for Garra. You paint good images. I can just see the redhead in his pJs and holding the teddy bear. You are great with your descriptions. This is truly a sweet but very sad story. Poor Kankuro only wanted a brother. And oh poor Gaara, he only got a small glimpse of what it's like to have siblings. You could just feel the heavy hearts and the fear.

I thoroughly enoyed this story and want more stories. Awesome, awesome. Please keep up the great work.
10/11/2011 c1 Guest
This was awesome! I love anything to do with the sandsibs
10/11/2011 c1 Mommy Bear
So very cute. Just trying to be normal children. Kankuro is so cute and excited. Love the way you portray him. Temari is a true big sister, a little bossy, yet caring. Sweet to see Gaara happy, but of course it won't last, will it? :( Can't wait for the next chapter. You weave a great story.

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