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12/30/2011 c17 tecnicalbellatrix
Great story! It was very enticing (Sorry if I spelled that wrong). I hope to see more stories of yours like it!
12/23/2011 c16 333Mary Barrens
"That's exactly how your mother died six months ago."

Reid kept eye contact with Hotch, trying hard not to blink. "I know," he said.

Hotch just stared at him.

Oh, fuck.
11/24/2011 c8 MadamShinigami
He was 21 when he entered the BAU, two years younger than the allowed age and his addiction was to Dilaudid.
11/14/2011 c17 kayamira
I enjoyed your story, thank you for sharing with us. I am looking forward to your sequel - sounds like fun to hear more about mercy killing Reid... :D

have fun!
11/13/2011 c17 theuntitled
wow, plain impressive! Give me a tip about how to write so well!
11/10/2011 c17 omgnotagain
super thanks we love your story and Reid as a mercy killer sounds cool...(just kidding)
11/3/2011 c16 10Sebastian's Kat
It was.a great story but I think that the ending needed to be longer
11/3/2011 c15 4aku no tensai
I forgot to add this in the chapter 16 review I did but...why did he decide to SPOILER SPOILER: k.ghti.sdgl.setgsl.kill.ashghgagugaejbsr SPOILER SPOILER IS OVER-ISH! his mother?
11/3/2011 c16 aku no tensai
Oh. My. Cheez! The ending was AMAZING! I didn't think that that would happen at ALL. Very good my dear~ :) So. Hotch knows but isn't going to say anything...and Reid is now considered a serial killer...uh-huh~ okay, this story is now easily a part of my favs list ;D

THANK YOU! (Can't express how thankful I am for this story ^^) ♥♥♥♥♥♥
11/3/2011 c3 aku no tensai
Ahh~ Morgan Morgan Morgan...always ready to kick a door down! What are we going to do with you? ;)

Thanks for the great chapter! And I'm super glad that the cat's alright ^.^ Lol. Though it's sad to hear about the fishies :(

Anyway, thank you for your hard work and effort! 3

Never stop writing :)

11/3/2011 c16 3Iewees
Lolol. I supposed he help kill his mom too? XD
11/2/2011 c16 kayamira
hm. interesting... I wonder, if it takes him a few minutes to remember his name, how long does it take until he remembers who he is and what he does? How would that work out if the whole team is in another city again, in a hotel? But that's just some thoughts. I like the open ending very much, because it leaves your readers to think about it, and I enjoy not having all the solutions. It is good to hear that he is not the same person he was when he woke up though... And come on! Of course the test to reevaluete people was written by him. How could I not have thought of that?

That was a great detail, as others during the story. I take it that you looked up all the statistics?

Thank you for writing and sharing your story with us!
11/2/2011 c16 8lastbloom
I don't know about anyone else but the end of this chapter when Hotch says 'you're different' i feel like even after all of this and even after spencer had gotten his memory back and remembered his friends, he's never going to be the same. Like there's still something inside him that's wrong. Idk that's just what I thought, and I LOVED it xD amazing job :D
11/2/2011 c16 TabulaRasa
Superb ending, I loved it. You put an entirely different spin on the cliche 'Reid-gets-kidnapped' story. Well done. Sequel? 3
11/2/2011 c16 lpearson
Unique ending. I really like the story overall. I wish you could fix the ending so Reid gets help. But I understand the importance of being unique and not every ending having a happy ever after. Thanks so much for writing this.
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