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for Tricked Again

10/18/2011 c8 12BrokenSky49
Oooooooh this is ssooooooo good! Looking forward to reading more! Update as soon as you can! :D
10/18/2011 c8 2Ravnur
Great chapter. I actually laughed of Reid, though he wasn't 'normal'. I hope though that he's coming back. The real Reid, I mean. It's like a stranger has taken over his body.. But nice story.
10/18/2011 c8 6ReadingYourThoughts
Wow, I've just found this story yesterday and it's sooo good! Please, keep writing! Poor Spencer!
10/17/2011 c8 Hatsuharu Miku
Wahhh you killed Reid. Come back Reid come back? ;o;
10/17/2011 c8 Guest

10/17/2011 c8 8lastbloom
XD yes! This was the moment I was waiting for haha. Emily Prentiss is very bad lmao I loved it, great chapter
10/17/2011 c8 3Iewees
:D haha it's fun reading your chapters:D can't wait! :)
10/17/2011 c7 namira
Another amazing chapter!

Compliment, I hope to read another one sooooooooon! very very soon! ;-)
10/15/2011 c7 8ShieldmaidenTabris
Fantastic! Please update soon!
10/15/2011 c7 theuntitled
why do u do this? leave us hanging about reid? come on, update, update!
10/14/2011 c7 omgnotagain
nothing to be sorry for, this is a great story and want to read more. Super thanks
10/14/2011 c7 Hatsuharu Miku
Reid come back we need you. Have him hang with Morgan and Pen and go to therapy. He needs to be back. Even if it comes later on. I loooooove Reid.
10/14/2011 c6 25ferret assassin nin
Oh no it seems that reid has lost his memory! What are they going to do next? The next chapter should be an interesting one and thankyou for no killing off reid.

ferret nin
10/14/2011 c6 Neko-Akira-chan

its amazing *.*

please continue
10/14/2011 c6 theuntitled
ouch, that hurt. Why so sadistic :D, poor reid! post soon!
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