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7/11 c117 Anon
Haven’t read all the chapters yet, but just wanted to drop a note and say I’m so glad you are continuing this story! It’s an incredible piece. Kudos to you for keeping it going.
Never thought I’d be rooting for Karin and Suigetsu but you wrote both of their characters so well, I’m only a little bummed that they probably won’t see their relationship progress until after all the battles are settled.
7/5 c117 Just Veia
NOOO! I was so happy to see your updates and mad because I had so much going on that I couldn't read them for a while, and now that I finally have I have to keep my cool as I wait for the next update with one of the most epic battles yet. Fantastic work as usual, seriously one of the greatest fanfics of all time.
6/23 c79 Milacew
I love the chapter! Its goodnow what happen with zeus, hera, itachi, shishiu and madara in the war. I read you are gonne discontinued the history before the war, I undestand, but I hope you come back one day and finish this beautiful history in the right way. Thank you so much for your time dedicated in this amazing history!
6/19 c117 Lisa
I am a new fan and just got into this series! You're an amazingly talented writer!
6/19 c50 Guest
Thank you for this! I was thing shes is not going do this anymore! But she did and its was amazing, fantastic, I love it! Take this sasuke
6/18 c117 Sasuke's side chick
No I was so scared something was gonna happen to Sakura's reincarnation and I was (unfortunately)right
6/15 c3 Mila
Incredible, cant wait to read more
6/12 c89 19A.Rose.Love
Oh gosh, she picked him. Those silly little guys and their misunderstandings of each other. Im glad they got it figured out, at least for the moment. Im curious if Ume is allowed to see Elysium, since Sasuke and the other deities had said mortal souls seeing it was forbidden. Another lovely chapter that finally brought our little idiots together and made them both address their feelings. Thank you!
6/12 c88 A.Rose.Love
My boy is so self consumed with guilt, what a wholesome yet idiotic man lol. Im glad she is excited to be there and explore both the realm and him more. And queen sakura would be fantastic, especially with the mentions of it in chapters long past. Thank you again! I am enjoying this so much!
6/12 c87 A.Rose.Love
Yay full romance arc! Yay for being back in the underworld! I’m so happy she got to actually say goodbye to her friends and family before heading back down and trying to make plans to remain in contact with them.
6/11 c86 A.Rose.Love
I enjoyed the inclusion of the other jinchuriki and the romantic dynamic shift of Ino’s affection. Back in the day I was a staunch ShikaxIno shipper and thought SaixIno was very odd. But at this point I have definitely jumped on the bandwagon and enjoy their interactions. I also jusy enjoy Sasuke a lot. I think you’ve been doing his character a lot of justice and given very accurate representation both in regards to his character as established in cannon but also to what he’s gone through in the mixing with the deities. I’m thoroughly enjoying this, thank you so much for taking the time to write it! Onto the next!
6/11 c85 A.Rose.Love
Oof to revealing to Tsunade that Hades and Persephone were *involved* as the kids call it these days lol. Good for Sakura for sticking to her feelings even with Tsundade being upset about it. I’m glad Sasuke got back to the Underworld and had some time to mourn. The poor boy needs it. And did Tsunade accidentally scoop up Sakura’s clothes that have Sasuke’s bracelet in it? I’m hoping so. Anothet wonderful chapte! On to the next
6/11 c84 A.Rose.Love
Hooray for another Underworld! Im happy Sasuke is slowly accepting Kakashi and Naruto in his own way. And seeing Naruto obsess over him is just so wholesome. I understand where Tsunade is coming from but oof, seems like she, like Danzo, has a lot of baggage associated with the Uchiha for some reason seemingly besides the war. I’m intrigued to see what comes up there. Thank you again for this amazing story!
6/11 c83 A.Rose.Love
Found family, good god lol the little king (i love that nickname btw) will be beside himself about this revelation i am guessing. Glad the shitbag Danzo was finally taken care of. Thank you for your wonderful story!
6/11 c82 A.Rose.Love
Ahhh! The kiss, the reveal by Chiyo that Sasuke loves Sakura was a delight, him opening up to her was so moving. It was a great chapter. Also I effing hate Danzo, the slimy creep. Im assuming Sasuke has been kamui-d back to Olympus which is problematic. Excited to read on!
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