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for you're gonna burn the house down

8/21/2012 c2 rachelcantbreath

Roma, you are actually perfect and this is perfect and Jackie is perfect and Dimitri is perfect and the end is perfect and so's the beginning and just IT'S PURE PERFECTION.


If i had to tell you my favourite part, I'd copy and paste the whole story into the review button. That's how much I enjoyed this. Every single word I read; they weren't just words. They were magical, mystical, make-your-pathetic-life-five-million-times-better-words. They were flawless, like you.

I enjoyed this so much. JackieDimitri has slowly become one of my OTPs on the rp and this fic really didn't help matters any and just. I CANT.

I love you, thank you so much. 3
10/28/2011 c1 1renzhie
I love this. My brain keeps telling me that it is hilarious. xD I love how you write Dawson. It fits Mad's Dawson. His internal battle is always amusing to see. HAHA. I fall in love this pairing all over again.Great job and keep writing. :D
10/9/2011 c1 symphonies of you
Roma. This was so lovely. I loved how you wrote Dawson's thoughts; it was perfect. And Jackie oh Jackie, she was so /Jackie/.

Can't wait to read more. ;)

-Nic. :]

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