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for Dear Kurt, Continuation

12/30/2011 c1 14PCJC24
Yay happy ending, it was so so so happy! lol And Blaine's sort of a dramatic boy in this! And Luke is kind of amazingly nice! Lol He was like "Yeah, go get Blaine!" Lol-and I liked knowing that there were hands down people's pants (hahha in that Luke/Kurt relationship-go Kurt, get sommme, now get some Blaine lol). It's funny because it seems Kurt is the clueless lovebird here, well I suppose along with Blaine! It'd be cool if the letter was sort of like browned and burnt a little, that'd be a cool description like smelling like ash or fire or whatever burnt paper smells like! Good job!
10/10/2011 c1 2Crystalline Skies
Awww... Its a beautiful sequel :) Great job!

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