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3/12/2012 c1 6lilyoftheval5
I am in awe...

Loved it to pieces. Thank you!
1/20/2012 c1 1beadwork
Superb! Very interesting indeed.
1/1/2012 c1 22Writing bunny
I like this analysis. Gorousei must be grinding their teeth by now.
12/23/2011 c1 1littlelostmelody
This story was not written. It is Awesomeness in text form.
10/21/2011 c1 52Mako-clb
This reads like a prologue. It's interesting, but it leaves me wanting and expecting more.
10/14/2011 c1 42Shiary
awsome! i loved it.
10/11/2011 c1 2Naomi-nami16
This is really cool! Oh my gosh was that a good read, I really liked your list of requirements to be the pirate king! It was a good read, easy to read and flowed beautifully good job!
10/11/2011 c1 4inermis
Anime just reached the Time Skip, so it was nice to read this kind of retrospective of the series. I like this idea, and although I doubt Gorousei could ever acknowledge any pirate as a king, the idea still works well.
10/11/2011 c1 11Phalanx
Well this was interesting indeed! I like the flip in perspective, although I'm surprised Conqueror's Haki wasn't one of the criteria!
10/11/2011 c1 16laFia
That... was marvelous. I can't even begin to express how impressive this story is to me. I totally love the deductions you made for the list and the way you explain it. Personally I think Luffy has done more than that, but listing all of them would be a problem eh? XD

Aah, this fic makes me wonder how glorius it will be when Luffy finally ascend to the throne he has been claimed... for what? 12 years? Must be really a sight to see. Long live the King indeed.
10/10/2011 c1 2caring16
10/10/2011 c1 22Katzztar
Ahhh i really enjoyed this. The list of requirements was intriuging and well-thought through. The story was well written. It made me wonder if you thought of writing of other stories of similar but different feel concerning a different person.

We know that Lt.Brandnew is the officer in charge of the bounties (at least before timeskip, don't know if he had a promotion) and this story said tht Gorosei had to approve the bounty first. But what about epiteths?

One thing that's struck me is that both Strawhat Pirats and Roger Pirates had another officer besides the captian to have "King" in thier epiteth = The Dark King and The Sniper King. That has always struck me odd. Usopp had only a few battles using his marksmanship before they gave him tht epiteth.

Main one was at Enies Lobby when he was sniping at the marine essort and director of CP9, Spandam, as they were tried to get their prisioner, as they were at the end of the Bridge of Hesitatiion while he was on top of Tower of Justice. This act did provoke fear and disbeief in the Marines, one to cry out who (or was that what)was he that he can shoot so good despite being soo far away and he was agianst the wind. Another event that seems to be almost forgotten by fans (I'm an Usopp fan and I didn't remembe this at first) was the escape from Alabastra when Hina's ships boxed in the Going Merry with two ships an all four sides. Usopp fired only one cannonball at one ship but hit it so accurately that as it's mast fell (disabling that ship) it fell on the seond ship on that side and gave the Strawhats a way to escape as Bon Clay diverted the remaining ships.

Another thing some people don't think about is thatat Eneis Lobby he was wearing a mask, a big cloak that made it difficult to identify siz of body. Surely the Marines wouldn't like to make the picture of a bounty poster one of a masked man if they could give the actual face. Usopp took off the mask at one point ot yell at Luffy and that was the encouragement Luffy needed to get back up to finish the fight against Lucci. Even if they Marines couldn't get a picture, they had enough to draw a picture of him like they did with Sanji. Even if they didn't get a god look then, there were other times and they could make an educated guess that it was Usopp due to he was marksman and the only one not seen but teh numbers of Strawhats were correct. Smoker was at Alabastra can could have seen him with the group at some point. But Aokoji did see Usopp's face on Longring Longland. It always struck me how Usopp got an response, a change in expressions, from the Admiral.(here I'm going by manga) His face didn't change when Luffy rushed to move Robin's frozen body awayf rom Aokoji's fist, all he did was raise his foot to stomp down. But as his foot came down on only luffy, he looked at Usopp who was already far away witht the frozen body of Robin, Aokoji scowled. He likely didn't think anything of lanky, cowardly Usopp at first but was taken by surprise by the fast actions. I always thoguht that due to Aokoji's previous actions towards Robin and lack of action post-Enies Lobby that he was merely testing (therefore not using full strenght or speed) the Strawhats at Longring Longland, but he scowled because he was taken by surprise of Usopp's quick actions and he didn't like beign take by surprise by a rookie.But another thing to note is Aokoji would have also known Usopp's name since they cheered for him and Luffy cried out for Usopp to get Robin to the ship.

So maybe it was Usopp's name that got the scowled. The Marines know of Yasopp of the Redhair Pirates and Yasopp has bee portrayed as talking about having a son. In anime he told the then marine Daddy Masterson he had a son named Usopp. Oda was oging to write the scene of Usopp vs Masterson (with that flashback) but cut it. Another scene involving Usopp and Marines that was cut was in Water 7 was with Garp. Usopp had asked Garp if a pairate called Yasopp was still alive, Garp was able to put together that they were father and son, and told him that "Chaser Yasopp" was alive. So maybe Aokoji scowled when he heard Usopp's name because he realized the crew would have a connection to the Redhair Pirates. (I don't think that they knew about Shanks and Luffy yet) So they may have knew Usopp's name and face was behind Segoking but decided not to 'reveal' in hopes that the Redhairs don't recognize the connection to the rookie crew whose captain was determined to be King of Pirates.

Still there are many marksmen in the Grandline, some really goood ones on the crews of teh Yonko, so why did the Marines give a rookie the title of "King of Snipers"?

"The Rumbar Pirates, the Sakura Pirates and the Usopp Pirates had all subsumed their flags to the Straw Hats but that was not enough" Rumbar Pirates= Brook, Usopp Pirates= Usopp , so who are the Sakura Pirates?

It strikes me that they knew of Usopp Pirates or counted them since it was mainly 4 boys (one of age and 3 were 9 when disbanded in canon) who were playing around on their home island. Makes me wonder if there were mor to the Usopp Pirates in your world portrayed here ;)
10/10/2011 c1 1Dementra
Long live the King indeed! Ganbatte Luffy-kun!
10/10/2011 c1 caiera D xx
Wow :)

That was pretty intresting, and it made sense as well. All the items on the check list to fill requirments to be Pirate King are probably true :)

And I like it how you didn't write it in a story

Good job on this :) xxx
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