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for The Children of Set

11/4/2018 c1 pinks99
Great short story! Love Voldemort's encounter with the Set.
3/24/2017 c1 Kiely Fickus
This was amazing. The perfect Lovecraftian and H.P. crossover. Exceptionally well written and an astounding glimps into who Tom Riddle was before the true Voldamort was born.
6/22/2016 c1 7lightpoint
Once again, everything that ionwaterfall said, because HOLY SHIT I'm definitely running off with this fic and snuggling with it forever.
5/10/2016 c1 3Vanilla Jester
This is fantastic, and exquisitely told in the same language as Lovecraft and Howard used in their stories. What's more; it fits with canon in an amazing way. It could have happened! And it makes me curious what else Voldemort might have gotten up to in his years between Borgin & Burkes and his rise to power, where I wasn't curious before.
11/15/2014 c1 ionwaterfall
Ok, when I first saw the 1-liner subject preview I was all 'hey, I remember when my personal head canon was that Voldemort went to Egypt in search of ancient, dark, visceral knowledge and found more than he bargained for...this will be awesome'...and then I read the Author's Note. Finding this story was glorious, but then to see it was inspired by my drawings? I think my head just exploded, because this fic is very, very much akin to what I was hoping to evoke. I just wish I'd found it back when it was written. I am extremely flattered.

And good god, the details, the words...It's beautiful. I want to dive in and breathe deep. No coherency here, NONE.

A side note: I got locked out of my deviantart account so I’m now one-lightpoint over there and ionwaterfall over here *headdesk*
6/21/2013 c1 azathoth
There is a Harry Potter/Lovecraft T-shirt.
5/20/2013 c1 1Bakenko
Love it! If you get the urge to write more - I'll definitly read it!
8/17/2012 c1 mark3232
At Teefury there is a Harry Potter/Lovecraft T-shirt.
2/27/2012 c1 7Agent Reptile
Now this is why I love fanfiction. You have taken the themes of two of the best fantasy authors of all time and blended them into the most commonly known fictional world of a good modern writer in a manner which makes what would be a mediocre villain actually a dangerous foe. For several months I have thought that the origin of Voldemort was the worshipers of Set from Robert E. Howard's Conan and Kull novels and that perhaps Harry himself is from the blood of Conan. It's not as crazy as it sounds as Conan (in the novels) hails from what is modern Scotland before the end of the last ice age and in one version Conan's first appearance he did claim Ymir's daughter and she bore him a son. I really do love this and hope you will make more of this genera.
11/6/2011 c1 7Sevotharte
Wow, words can't describe how awesome this Crossover is. I think it's the best crossover I've ever read. I love how you've captured this Lovecraft-writing style with your rich vocabulary and creating that dark atmosphere. And I must confess I'm an Egypt-fan and I like all the details you've put in here, like the look of Cairo and all the descriptions. Your Voldemort is fascinating as always and I especially liked the ending where he regards Nagini as his tribute to the Serpent God. Very well done, I bow to your writing skills and hope you maybe write another HP/Lovecraft-crossover ;)
10/12/2011 c1 60Megii of Mysteri OusStranger
Holy fff...

You make me sick. I am sick with envy you-you... ugh. Your words are so profound, so lovely, so sharp and clear, artful and, yes, I dare say it, spellbinding. Ugh. UGH! How could I ever reach this level...?

You're awful, you marvelous thing. Absolutely awful. You're a sorceress of words and I want those wonderful damn hands that wrote this with such obvious passion and loftiness, tinging the story with such a sweet, serpentine lilt. This isn't just prose, it isn't just a oneshot, it isn't just fanfiction... this is art, a real piece of art. The expanse of your vocabulary makes me flush with adoration and envy. I could tear my hair out or kiss the screen whist imagining it's your palms, I can't decide which. You must have such lovely hands. Nnngh! ::person with a sort of hand-fetish here::

::withers:: Horrid woman. Horrid, awful, terrible, wonderful woman, writing about a horrid, awful, terrible, wonderful wizard. First thing I'm doing tomorrow is going to the library and tracking down Lovecraft. ::low sigh::

"You deserve the book as the book deserves you." ~I love this line. I love what it *doesn't* say.

The part where Voldemort sheds his skin literally made me itchy. I got lovely little goosebumps at the end where it is made clear that Voldemort acknowledges the Serpent God when he started off not believing in any sort of religion. And ::blushes and looks away, covering mouth with hand:: I got a weird Indiana Jones vibe from the mass of serpents in the cavern. Maybe that's just me being strange, though.

I think you just beat my love of Anne Rice. How dare you? Marvelous creature, you. How will I ever get to sleep *now*?

Utterly adoringly,

10/10/2011 c1 18FerrumVigro
Well...wow, that was just brilliant, each word had me hooked. I love the amount of detail and research you've put into this-and how well in character Voldemort seems-; it's unusual, for me anyway, to be reading a H.P crossover with a series I know nothing of but this has me interested so in all likelihood, my own research shall be done.-tabs out to go searching-

Your way with words just has this certain flare to it, I can picture it all so well. Again, I’m not usually one for first person reading but I think your writing may be changing my view-lol-I have seen the artwork your referring to on DA, they're quite wonderful and since seeing them I've looked for a good 'Voldemort Travels' story for awhile; I just can't believe you were the one to do it and so bloody well!

Really loved this, Thank You!

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