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9/27/2020 c58 1Charlie-Rose94
I don’t know if you are still active on here, I hope you are so you see this message (review). I LOVE this story, I constantly come back and re read it. It is one of my favourite ever written fics and I’m so sad that it’ll never be finished since the author that adapted it from you discontinued it. I think it is such a shame that it’ll never be finished as it is truly amazing and I have always wondered how you’d write the end of season 3 onwards.
Anyway as I said I hope you are still about to see that at least one person is still about reading this fic and is still absolutely in love with it!
12/13/2018 c55 Deby gold
You should have completed it your self although it was great
11/22/2018 c45 crystal
its one of the best i have read but why did you complete it
12/30/2016 c58 1BetaZackFan
I'll be glad to see this return I loved reading this
7/11/2015 c57 Random Citizen
Hello, I have read your whole story and this is my first review. I an not a fan-fiction/er yet. I am 14 and I love Both Charmed and BTR and this story is like the best of both worlds. I know it's been long since you've written (almost a year as of tomorrow as far as I can see.) but I would love to see an update. I have a theory Logan will re-encarnate as a Whitelighter and maybe loose his memory or something, then go on to live a normal life for like, a second. lol. I'm sorry if I sound a lot like a fangirl but I love it. Anyways. I'll probably be here when you update and hopefully I will have an account. Fingers crossed. I REALLY hope you haven't abandoned this story.
3/22/2015 c57 Visitor
Ma'am you are a wonderful writer. I don't know what made you stop writing this story when it was just at its peak. I wish I could read more, both of these shows have helped me get closer to my teenage daughter and now we are reading this story together. It's cute and different and I really wish I could read more. I want more. You are truly a talented writer. It's one thing to see everything on TV but to see you capture it perfectly and describe it as if I were re-watching or if I were even there it's truly magical. I hope you update a new chapter soon. We are so close to season 4 and that's exciting. I see you also have some faithful readers and they are the reason I read at all. You can judge a story better by the review it gets. I enjoy the essence of everything and I hope to read more. (P.S. I read everything in 4 days.) if you update soon I will get an account just to review.

God bless and have a nice day.
1/9/2015 c57 2tipthescalesx94
This is def one of my favorite stories, it perfectly combines my two favorite shows! Please update, but lol i'm also worried about how the season 3 finale will pulled off
12/9/2014 c57 1Charlie-Rose94
Just finished reading this and really enjoyed it please say you will be completing it :) it is so unique and original I haven't found another story like it so I really hope you update soon :) :)
7/18/2014 c57 6SaltTahneeBran
OMG YES! A new chapter! This makes me so very happy! This was a great chapter!
7/17/2014 c57 Danielle Domain
Hey great chapter and I wonder if or what would happen so please be quicker at updating the next chapter
7/16/2014 c57 2Chey21
I love it!
7/14/2014 c57 16BellaRosa17
I almost screamed when I saw this update! I am so happy and I absolutely loved everything in the chapter. And it is a a hard lesson for anyone to learn about life and death. Loved the Muffy/James couple scenes. Really cute.

Near the end though you put a brief sentence using Phoebe and Piper in the story, but everything was amazing.
7/14/2014 c57 Jboyrusher
Wow I've been waiting for another chapter. I missed you lol it was great. Keep up the great work
7/14/2014 c57 5Bookreader2010
Ya I've been waiting for another chapter Awsome update couple things tho some spelling mistakes and check one of your paragraphs because you use piper cole and phoebes names in it instead of the guys and muffy. It was when they notice the glass shard was broken. Other than that Awsome chapter can't wait for the next update.
7/13/2014 c57 3RHatch89
good update :)
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