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8/3/2012 c33 Danielle Domain
please update real sooner than tommorrow
8/1/2012 c33 5TinyHandz
OOOH! I wasn't expecting this chapter this early at all... I Love it so much! I love Logie centered chapters or James Centered but I like this story because at the same time it isn't always the same... Now Logie... Why would he do that, i know It's part of the story line but what about Camille Dx... *Curious* Now I can't wait for an update... JENDALL! WOO HOO! I imagined their little concert at the end xD... Again AMAZING WORK! You never cease (I think that's the word) to amaze me...
7/31/2012 c33 2BTR14
YAY! Jendall :) Really great chapter, i absolutly love this :)
7/30/2012 c33 KittyBlack224
YEAH JENDALL! I'm so happy! Great story development. I love it. :)
7/30/2012 c33 16BellaRosa17
Great and sweet! Loved Logan getting some, in a way though I still live Lomille always!
7/28/2012 c32 5TinyHandz
YAY! I couldn't stop moving in my seat... Did you just Imply Misty is coming back in a future season? :D I am in LOVE with this chapter xD I can't wait for the next one... I'm confused in the what the next one would be department... But Still Can't wait! Awesome job. You gave one of my favorite episodes justice! I give you a standing ovation! n.n
7/28/2012 c32 16BellaRosa17
I absuloutly loved how you made this episode/chapter your own. I really can't even put in words how much I loved reading this chapter. I felt so bad at times for James and coming to terms with his past and future were easily drawn to the evil side. It was a brilliant chapter!
7/27/2012 c32 Lisa Garcia
please update sooner this time okay
7/26/2012 c31 Danielle Domain
please update soon please
7/25/2012 c31 Lisa Garcia
please update and my sister Lea is still in the hospital with a rare disease and update pretty please for my sister
7/22/2012 c31 Lucy Case
please update soon like really soon soon
7/18/2012 c31 5TinyHandz
THIS is one of my favorites... I loved it so muuuuuuch... It's like... UGH Just the Love in it... and I LOVED the ending with Lomille... I didn't expect it!
7/18/2012 c30 TinyHandz
I hated this episode... I mean... It was great (As well as your writing) but It was so hard for me to think of one of them Dying... But I still enjoyed reading it... Even if I got a little teary-eyed
7/18/2012 c29 TinyHandz
I was so confused with the title of the chapter and then I was like... I GET IT! I like baby Mathew xD
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