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6/24/2012 c27 20TheSkyWriter
6/24/2012 c27 5TinyHandz
YAY for astral projection! n.n epic chapter and you are almost 100 reviews! I'm happy you passed! I got an Idea but it's only if it could help... And you'd have to PM me if you are interested so it won't be spoiled... Now imma watch TV...
6/20/2012 c26 2BTR14
I love this story! Loving the Jendall drama aswell :)

One of my fave stories, Keep it up :D
6/20/2012 c26 20TheSkyWriter
6/11/2012 c26 16BellaRosa17
I would've replied sooner but my laptop has been on the fritz only to find out my hard drive is fried so now I have to get a new one. As for the chapter this is one of my favorite and saddest episodes of Charmed. So I wonder which mother had the affair? Can't wait for the next chapter!
6/8/2012 c26 3BlueberryNinja
Loved it as usual! Can't wait to see some Jendall again!

Don't know if thsi was my Kendall whumpage, or if you're still making me wait another chapter... ;)
6/8/2012 c26 5TinyHandz
I'm speechless oooooooooh I can't wait till they find out who the writer of the letters is... And GOD this is so amazing! Maybe they go on vacation or something lik their moms visiting and James confronts them alone asking him about Sam and just feels the love of the one... *Wink* I love how this story neve disappoints me n.n
6/4/2012 c25 TinyHandz
awwww I hope it does work... I think the guy was Misha Collins from Supernatural you know the angel? I can't rememer his name... Besides that AWESOME CHAPTER! but then again when isn't there an Amazing chapter in this story...
6/4/2012 c25 16BellaRosa17
Wow! Fantastic as usual! I loved James and Erica parts and that Candy had a twin. Hey, if you love Glee, you should check out one of my friends stories, its called Changes by emilylauren. Amazing chapter!
5/21/2012 c24 3BlueberryNinja
Loved the chapter! Never dissapointed when you update! :) Though now Jendall is gone, :,(
5/19/2012 c24 16BellaRosa17
These relationships will slowly kill me but I loved this chapter. But I can't wait to see the final relationships in Season 8! You have no idea how excited I am. And thanks for the review and shout out. I'm glad you've liked my story. Stay tuned to find out if there will be a sequel.

So sad about Jo and Kendall's break up but happy that Camille and Logan's relationship seems to have grown. Can't wait for the next chapter.
5/19/2012 c24 23Baxxie
Yay, I'm so glad you updated :) It's one of my favorite stories on here of BTR :)

I'm still a little upset about Misty leaving Carlos, but maybe she'll come back some day? And waiting for some Carlos whumpage ;) But I know you're trying to stick to the Charmed episodes kind of, so plenty of more to come :P I just love how you have twisted things around like this and just hoping for one thing; don't kill one of them like they did on the show... Please

Update again soon :)

Love, Baxxie
5/16/2012 c23 3BlueberryNinja
Amazing chapter! Loved it and the Jendall! ;) Could you throw in some serious Kendall whumpage...I' a sucker for that.
5/15/2012 c23 5TinyHandz
aww poo... But still great chapter... I feel like I have conection with this story cuz everytime you update I have the urge to look... XD good luck on your test
5/15/2012 c23 16BellaRosa17
Amazing chapter. I can totally see Camille growing up Gypsy. And Katie can shapshift features? Awesome! Can't wait for the next chapter!
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