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4/7/2013 c51 3RHatch89
good update
4/7/2013 c50 Katie
you are a really good writer please update soon!

Also this may sound weird but can you have like a chapter where kendall is like hurt and or in trouble or like something bad happenes to him thanks
4/2/2013 c50 10StrongInTheRealWay
Omg I'm like in love with this story! I can't believe James let muffy go but they were in love and I really hope that what muffy felt for James was real and oh no I know the guys didn't like Nate I liked him and I can't believe he died :O sobs on floor D': and omg yay Jo and Kendall get to get married yay so excited :D this story is just amazing the guys have grown and matured and have hon through so much you are a great writer and I honestly can't wait for another update for this story :D
3/15/2013 c50 Lucy Case
Didn't you update this already and why did you erase the chapter and then reposted huh? cause I know you had this chapter up before
3/8/2013 c50 5TinyHandz
So 50 Chapters already! I'm REALLY proud! and you are almost in 250 reviews! And I LOVED THE END! It was so romantic! I can't wait til the next few chapters! I have to go but, again, AMAZING!
3/5/2013 c50 6SaltTahneeBran
Naw that was amazing! Great 50th chapter! :D Great Job!
3/5/2013 c50 3RHatch89
good update
2/20/2013 c49 16BellaRosa17
Nate is very uptight. I kind of wonder how Misty would react to his attitude if she was there :) But amazing as always, looking forward to part 2!
2/19/2013 c49 6SaltTahneeBran
Poor James, I liked Muffy. I betcha Nate will get stabbed by the warlock and he will permanent die, if you get me? Make the readers feel sorry for him, because right now I'm sure just about everyone is siding with Kendall.

Oh and I hope non of them get hurt, even Nate!
2/18/2013 c49 3RHatch89
good update
2/10/2013 c48 Lucy Case
please make a chapter out of my idea please i want more kendall that's why to use your creative mind to make a chapter out of my idea please and surprise us about it please i'm begging you and update would you please
2/8/2013 c48 5TinyHandz
*Squeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaal* I actually read this about a week ago but I read it on phone and I finally have time for myself and the first thing I thought about was reviewing so TADA! Today is one of my bestest friends birthdays so I'm really happy!
2/2/2013 c48 6SaltTahneeBran
yeah...its all over... Well, this series story thing haha what ever, is one of my favourites! I always get excited when I see a new chapter! So cool! But that was not how I expected it to turn out! I knew James and Logan would have a moment, but in a way, I'm glad James let Muffy go and they can go on with their lives.

Kendall, Carlos and James have all had something messy with love happen to them, I wonder if Logan will...

Tahnee xx
2/2/2013 c48 3RHatch89
good update
1/24/2013 c47 16BellaRosa17
I always hated when the guys fight but that's life. And seems that Muffy has really screwed herself over but hey, love knows no bounds. Amazing chapter as usual!
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