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1/24/2013 c47 6SaltTahneeBran
WOW! I feel sorry for Muffy, I hope she either gets killed or becomes completely good! :) I love this!
1/23/2013 c47 5TinyHandz
I repeat for like a millionth time... Your Adaptability is AMAZING! And I can't wait for your next update... I'm counting on it! It's one of the biggest News so far... So HAVE A GOOD WEEK!
1/21/2013 c47 3RHatch89
good update
1/21/2013 c47 Lucy Case
please update and can kendall turn into a bigger animal than a lion and make the others surprise even the demons but mostly Beatrix that will get demons that can control animals by a whistle but when kendall is in his human form he will think it is a ringing in his ears after he ask his friends/brothers about and when they say they don't please it a episode please
1/21/2013 c47 Guest
amazing as alway! what took you so long?
1/3/2013 c46 5TinyHandz
This is one of the best so far... in part because it's one of my fav. episodes but in other part because of the writing OBVIOUSLY! You have this ability to fix it up in the perfect way. Anyways PERFECT CHAPTER AGAIN! And NOW I'm heading to bed...
1/2/2013 c46 3RHatch89
good update
1/2/2013 c46 2Chey21
Love it
Cant wait for more ;)
12/31/2012 c1 BTRFan Dutch
Hey great story

By the way I was on your account an I saw the line "Jasmine Gets excepted to Hollywood arts" Which literally means "Jasmine wordt uitgesloten van Hollywood arts" the word you where looking for is Accepted.

Hope it helps. I know your a great writer and I know it's weird I'm saying it on this story so sorry. I also (not a big issue) saw the word niece used for the relationship from James and Jasmine, but that is like saying he is her uncle XD It should be Cousin
12/30/2012 c45 Leah Garcia
when are you going to update? because i've been waiting forever for to update and the doctors said that my older sister can come home today and the doctors that she have a little but nothing to serious but we have to repeat alot to her so she can remember but she will forget the things in an hour but the doctors says she will get better her brain just need to adjust to things again
12/26/2012 c45 Leah Garcia
Guess what i am so happy my sister woke up whenever they pull the plug and she was breathing by herself but after she did she fell back to sleep and i ask the doctors if it was normal for her to fall back which they say it is and i ask if she is going to be ok which they say they have no idea until she is awke because they have to do tests
12/24/2012 c45 Chey21
Love it
12/21/2012 c45 Skyward98
Amazing, girl! i love it!
12/19/2012 c45 Leah Garcia
please update and my sister Lisa is still in a coma but i saw a finger twitch on her bed and that show she getting better but i'm still not sure when she is going to wake up still so i still believe she is going to wake up before the deadline so can you make another chapter please *giving you a puppy dog look*
12/19/2012 c45 Cassie-btrluver
please update really fast
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