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11/14/2012 c42 3RHatch89
good update
11/13/2012 c41 20TheSkyWriter
Update!Its killing me!
11/11/2012 c41 Cassie btrlover
great episodes but so far nothing really bad happen to Kendall which i want something bad to happen to him but o killing him because i love Kendall the most and Kendall-angst
11/11/2012 c41 Danielle Domain
i will miss you because i am moving so this will be my review for awhile and we have the nine animals take to the farm without us because we're be renting the house until December 7 then we will get new animals later so please update for your Reviewers please for me also ;-(
11/11/2012 c41 Kasey May
please update now please i know your busy but please have some time to update please and i can't wait for the next chapter Can you make the long conversation with Kendall and Gustovo in the next chapter for the next episode PLEASE?!
11/10/2012 c41 Lucy Garcia
my stupid sisters Lisa is still in the coma and on life but she is doing better and my other stupid sister Leah broke her ankle for playing soccer today and she is going to stay over at hospital night and she can't on it for three weeks and have to have pain medication for the pain so she won't go on for awhile
11/9/2012 c41 Danielle Domain
please update soon pretty please
i want more of this please
11/7/2012 c41 5TinyHandz
So... I read this when it came out but then I had to leave and worked the whole weekend plus Monday I had school and yesterday mom was on the computer the whole day... but today i didn't go to school and I CAN REVIEW! I loved this chapter and This season is one of my favorites so... I hope you update soon n.n
11/7/2012 c41 5Bookreader2010
Wow I really liked this chapter. This was one of my favorite shows in the series. Plz update soon
11/4/2012 c41 Leah Garcia
please update and my sister Lisa is in a coma and on life support from a car accident on Friday with her crush John but he is not in a coma ;( and it will make me a little happy if you update fast and my other Lizzy got adopted from the orphanage so on friday was my worse day ever;(
11/3/2012 c41 Lucy Case
please update i want more of Kendall and Muffy is the one that is the same as Cole from the show
11/2/2012 c41 3RHatch89
it's good, but you should watch your spelling
10/30/2012 c40 Leah Garcia
please update soon like really soon please pretty please
10/30/2012 c40 Danielle Domain
please update soon okay please
10/28/2012 c40 Lucy Case
i've been checking if there is a new chapter but there isn't one so please update soon and don't update really slow please but faster than this please
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