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10/28/2012 c40 5Bookreader2010
Wow I really like this I am a big fan of both Charmed and BTR. I really like the powers you gave the boys especially Kendall's transformation powers I am sorry but that's just Awsome as F***. I would love to have that power even his past life version of it. Plz update soon I would like to know how your going to do the season 3 Finale tho.
10/26/2012 c40 Lucy Case
please update as soon as you can please like right now
10/26/2012 c35 5TinyHandz
I think I actually Reviewed for this one but I never hit the button because I was in a hurry... But still... GAH! This chapter, the end... Lucy didn't know what was coming towards her...
10/26/2012 c24 TinyHandz
AAAAAAAAAAAW poo... I can't believe I haven't reviewed that many chapters!
10/26/2012 c20 TinyHandz
Dang... Second season... It's been so long! And I loved the ending...
10/26/2012 c18 TinyHandz
I am dissapointed... I LOVED THIS CHAPTER yet I never Reviewed... you're probably going to hate me by the end of today.
10/26/2012 c17 TinyHandz
Oh, I can't believe it... I thought I reviewed all of your chapters! Now I feel bad Dx! Specially this one. Like, C'mon... I never said anything about Jo's death?
10/25/2012 c40 Lisa Garcia
please update i can't wait for the next chapter and you should add more kendall please it will be great for me
10/22/2012 c40 3BlueberryNinja
This chapter was BEYOND AMAZING! As per usual. :) I am so excited for the next set of chapters! Heck, im excited for THE next chapter! Lots of Jendall drama with the guardians? Please update soon! Ur amazing!
10/21/2012 c40 5TinyHandz
So... season 2 is over xD... Long story short: I came home from work yesterday and I was SO TIRED I think I'm even getting sick but then I thought... 'NO! I SHALL CHECK IF SHE UPDATED AND THEN READ!' Ans so I did... and it was worth it! I LOVED THE CARLOS as a kid part and then Camille finding out and James feeling guilty... It was all just PERFECT AAAAAAAAAND I can't wait for your next update!

P.S. I just realized I don't know your name... Mine is Ara (In case I never told you...)

P.P.S. WOO HOO! I'm so excited for season 3 episode 1 and She who I shall not name for spoilers!
10/20/2012 c40 Lucy Case
please update some more please and i wish you could make Kendall the one that wish to be normal of later chapters
10/20/2012 c40 2BTR14
Amazing chapter! I absolutely adore this story! :)
10/19/2012 c40 16BellaRosa17
Carlos as a kid? Awesome! But I loved this chapter and the season finale was amazing! I'm more worried about Season 3 finale, personally. But I can't wait for the start of Season 3
10/19/2012 c40 20TheSkyWriter
10/19/2012 c40 3RHatch89
can't wait until season three
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