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8/29/2015 c1 11gatewatcher
This was very clever. Loved the Hacker remark!
4/20/2014 c1 Guest - Caroline
from the 1st word of this fic, you've literally had me tied up in knots & in cramping stitches, from laughter, whilst rolling round on the floor, thank goodness, i'm home alone at the moment, so no-one is witness, to my utter madness...!heeheeheehee! brilliantly written...
below are some of the most memorable & funnier moments of this fic...
(hacker? really? hacker?) & then there's the comment... (sweets...under your tutelage i am sure, has either directly effected us or has encouraged us to sabotage our own relationship) ...
*** seriously, those two comments alone, from bren's barrage of her ranting rage, were just beyond, priceless *** heeheeheehee!

then there's, taking it, right up to the beginning of this fic.. **** memorandum
To: H Hanson
From: Dr Temperance Brennan,
Forensic Anthropologist
Jeffersonian Institution
Subject: the change in the relationship.
CC: S Nathan; SA Seeley J Booth FBI

also what has had me literally in stitches, basically rolling round on the floor, laughing like an absolute lunatic, is the entire body of bren's email...with the attack against sweets so called therapy, having them going back n forth, to & fro... bren's anxiety, sheer exhaustion & frustration
is truly evident, for all to see...
this was a beautifully crafted, well thought out fic, that i'm truly sorry, that i've now just come across... you've made my nite complete... you are an amazing writer & perhaps, should've thought to apply this email type form - in reference to getting yourself, a position within the writers of the 'bones tv show' you have already demonstrated that you know whom to address such a letter of recommending your talents to... Caroline, Melbourne, Australia.
10/12/2011 c1 13WolfGirl1331
Haha, loved this, and what a fantastic idea! Great job.
10/11/2011 c1 21grc73
Absolutely LOVED this! Great humour, clever and can't wait for some more. Well done :)
10/11/2011 c1 KittyOrens
Love the breaking the 4th wall premise! A well humored piece that I wish the writers would read and get the picture that the fans would like to see a bit more in B&B’s relationship develop on screen!

I enjoy your stories and hope you keep writing!
10/11/2011 c1 mendenbar
OMG, woman! What a wonder! Just perfect, hysterical and serious all at the same time.
10/10/2011 c1 BabyBones
OMG! Totally LOVED this! :D

Thank you for sharing! :)
10/10/2011 c1 40razztaztic

Yea, I second Brennan. I don't want to hear any more 'moonbeam' stuff. *lol*
10/10/2011 c1 Anne
Very clever and enjoyable.
10/10/2011 c1 Fluffybird
This is great. Full stop. Thanks for this. HAH!

The alert that came to my email had a useless link in it but I know where to find you.

I foresee a wide array of memos, texts, and what-have-yous to really express the WTF-ness of some show decisions. Way to go!

Next time can you let Hart have it about too often portraying Booth as a twit...obviously he cannot be. And then Angela as...oh well you get the idea.
10/10/2011 c1 jsboneslover
This is a very interesting take on this LONG break in Bones onscreen! Bones would be forthcoming that OF COURSE they were having atheletic sex, because they both have great stamina. No more roadblocks...Several of the media folks who saw the first two episodes think that shippers will be happy, and we can only hope!
10/10/2011 c1 64nattylovesjordy
You'll always get a review from me, smartphone or not. Hello, from my iPhone!

This really made me chuckle. Especially her part about the moonbeam, and meeting them at the diner. Great job, again! I got so excited when I saw something from you! More please! Of anything! :)


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