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7/20/2013 c1 Guest
Name: Fred Drangi
Age: 11
Height: 5'1
Body type: Slightly overweight, just a bit chubby but mostly average.
Appearance: round, melon shaped head and small button nose.
Hair color: dark brown, almost black.
Hair style: Justin Bieber like hair that's always being flipped.
Eye color: caramel brown.
Blood status: Half blood
Backround: Fred was raised by his witch mother in a small cottage out in the country. Not his father, though, because they had gotten a divorce when he was young. He had never had very strong powers, but they started blooming just a week before he received his letter. His mother attended Hogwarts and was a Ravenclaw. Therefore she did not care much about bravery or adventure. She always spent time in their library with her nose in a book.
House: Gryffindor
Year: 4
Roommates: ?
Fave class: Astronomy
You should probably make up from here, cuz I suck at this.
5/15/2012 c1 1VonJabey
Name:Joshua Ford



body type:Thin

appearance:round face type

hair color:dark brown

Hair-style:straight short

eye color:brown

blood status:mud blood

Backround:he comes from a half wizard half muggle family and is

proud of it he doesn't care if people call him mud blood and

loves spells that have to do with music he also has a spell

that lets him hear things more clearly.



roommates:any ravenclaw male ocs

favorite class:defence against the dark arts.

most hated class:potions

most hated professor:prosessor flitwik

favorite professor:professor lupin

home:godric's hallow

Mother:Ireene ford

father:brandon ford

siblings: a younger sister who cant go to hogwarts yet

friends:ron weasley cecily potter luna lovegood

crush:luna lovegood

enemies:draco malfoy voldemort

personality:kind and caring he trys to help whenever he can he

will willingly give his life for the greater good.

favorite food or candy:caramel

hobby:playing piano or listening to music

pet:a stag beetle named jack

pet relationship:best friends he won't forgive anyone who trys

to hurt him.

patronis:a giant stag beetle


-wood:white mahogany

-core hippogriff


clothing style:he normaly dresses in formal clothing even if

there is no occasion.

does your character play quidditch:no but is he has he plays

10/17/2011 c2 6SunshineToMoonlight
Can't wait! So excited. Thank you so much for chosing Jenna! :)
10/16/2011 c2 1PanicAtTheEpicness
Oh, thanks so much for choosing Sparky as a main character! I can't WAIT for the story to get started! Should be pretty cool to see how it plays out :) Again, can't wait!
10/16/2011 c2 Toby
Perfect. I must say, I had created her just so that she could sort of be in the background. Good luck in your writing, I will be interested to see what you do with her.
10/16/2011 c2 Cheshire
Cool. Yeah, Blanche kinda fits in as a background character, doesn't she? Kinda quirky that way, I'm sure she won't mind, not a mean-spirited bone in her, really. She's harmless!


Can't wait to see what misadventures are waiting!
10/16/2011 c2 9New-Classic22

10/12/2011 c1 5slunt
Name: Ophelia Colcuttus

Age: 16

Height: 5' 5"

Body Type (thin, athletic build, overweight): Very petite. The body of a 13 year old, but taller.

Appearance: Black kinda-curly hair, about an inch above the shoulders. Very pale. Sharp blue eyes. (When someone looks out of the corner of their eye, they seem dark red.)Eyebrows are almost always furrowed into an almost angry expression. Always has a white Lucille Walking Suit under her cloaks. Looks like a 13 year old, but is 16.

Hair color: Black

Hair-style (curly, straight/length): Curly, an inch above her shoulders.

Eye color: Blue. When someone catches a quick glance, they see dark red.

Blood status: Pure blood.

Background: She lives with her sister, who works in a high office in the ministry of magic. They live in a big house, but not a mansion. They live in a very forest-like place near the Malfoy's.

House: Slytherin

Year: 6th

Roommates: I'm not sure...anybody in 6th year? :I

Favorite Class: Divination/DADA

Most Hated Class: Potions

Most hated professor: McGonagle

Favorite Professor: Lupin and Flitwick

Home: A nice upper middle class house in the woods, neighbors with the Malfoys.

Mother: Beatrice Colcuttus. Deceased.

Father: Darius Colcuttus. Azkaban.

Siblings: (Do they go to Hogwarts too?)Monroe Colcuttus- she works at the Ministry of Magic, gathering info for Deatheaters for the Dark Lord.

Friends: Not many...none that I can name. She generally dislikes the entire student-body, even other Slytherins.

Crush: (Even though there is a %99 percent chance that they won't appear)- Barty Crouch Jr.

Enemies: Pansy Parkinson, Ronald Weasley, Draco's two lumbering oafs that are practically his slaves. (Can't remember their names XD)

Personality: Quiet, stubborn, dark, likes to mess with peoples' heads and cause mischeif among other groups.

Favorite Food or Candy: Shrimps half-dipped in fudge with pumpkin juice glazed on the bottom.

Hobby: Perfecting spells her sister has taught her over the summer.

Pet? What kind and what is its name?: Siamese Cat named Cleopatra.

Pet Relationship?: (Is the pet you OC's best friend, or is it a nuisance?) They have a mutual respect- like Slytherins and Ravenclaws.

Patronus: Snake


-Wood: Dark Cherry Whomping Willow bark. Silver handle. Passed down from her mother, since her sister stole her father's.

-Core: Spider hairs and dragon essence.

-Length: 11" 3/4

Clothing style: A white Lucille Walking Suit under her cloaks. Almost ALWAYS.

Does your character play Quidditch? Any preferred position on the field? Nope.

Is your OC a friend, enemy, or love interest to my OC?: Mutual interest. I’m hoping she often shows up in plot moments for no reason, leaving people to wonder…maybe a friend later on.
10/10/2011 c1 Cheshire
How Fun! Let's give it a whirl, shall we?

Name: Blanche Hardbroom

Age: 13

Height: 4'11"

Body Type (thin, athletic build, overweight): Thin, wide hipped, flat chested.

Appearance: Pale to the point of mockery. Thin lipped, round faced, and freckled all over

Hair color: Auburn

Hair-style (curly, straight/length): Long and straight

Eye color: hazel

Blood status: half-blood

Background: Both her parents arehalf-bloods that moved from Italy, and bicker more than anything else. Blanche wasn't really planned and so her parents had a shotgun wedding. She was appropriately named because she inherited neither parent's pale skin. Her family is rather poor, and growing up, yelling and name calling in Italian became a normal routine.

House: Slytherin

Year: third

Roommates: Whoever was unlucky enough to bunk with her

Favorite Class: Potions, "Well...people will pay a pretty Sickle for a well brewed wart-growing draught, or a nose hair growing solution... not that I know anything about those sudden influx of visitors to Madam Pomfrey..."

Most Hated Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts. Because the last two teachers SUCKED.

Most hated professor: Gilderoy Lockhart.

Favorite Professor: Professor Snape

Home: Cokeworth

Mother: Isadora Hardbroom

Father: Constantinos Hardbroom

Siblings: (Do they go to Hogwarts too?) She has a younger brother named Carlo who is too young to start school. He's a brat.

Friends: She tends to be a loner and doesn't trust people very well, joins in a conversation if it interests her, but mostly spends the time by herself. What friends she does manage are friends she would do anything for...within reason. *cough*

Crush: None as of yet...that is if you don't count her short (embarrassing)infatuation with fictional character Sherlock Holmes

Enemies: She has a rivalry with the Weasley twins, as they are her competition in the Hogwarts student market for prank inducing fixes and the like, but she doesn't hate them.

Personality: She likes money, alot. She also has quite the potty mouth. She is highly opinionative, and tends to fight for her own side. She is cynic to the point where people don't know if she is being rude and sarcastic or simply grumpy. A question like: "Do I look fat in this?" may wind up being answered with: "You look fat in everything." She tends to be a little on the dark side, fascinated with the dark arts and torture devices, and goes into graphic details about those one such and such curse and implement could disembowel you WHILE pulling off your toe nails. Her luck resides heavily on the negative digits... "Why does everything bad happen to me?" Her sense of humor is a little dry as well. Just a tad. Really.

Favorite Food or Candy: She hates sweets. Her favorite food is anything meat related.

Hobby: Potions. Reading up on dark/macabre things. Drawing, and muggle horror movies.

Pet? What kind and what is its name?: a Tarantula named Tony

Pet Relationship?: (Is the pet you OC's best friend, or is it a nuisance?) She loves it, even though it doesn't do much.

Patronus: A crow. "Honestly? Why a crow? what could possibly be a more despised bird? Someone up there hates me, I'm sure of it."


-Wood: Yew

-Core: Dragon Heartstring

-Length: 12 1/2"

Clothing style: Anything black. If it has dragons or spiders on it, she'll probably like it. And if it's black and white striped, she'll probably already own it.

Does your character play Quidditch? Any preferred position on the field? She doesn't see the point of it, and thinks its rather stupid to play and a waste of brain cells to watch.


Is your OC a friend, enemy, or love interest to my OC?: hell, she can be whatever you want, she's versatile that way. Have fun!
10/10/2011 c1 1PanicAtTheEpicness
This sounds interesting. Or, as our dear friend Severus would say, 'in...teresting.' Anyways, can't wait for this!

Name: Ian Sparks, though usually his friends call him Sparky.

Age: Let's say... 13 going on 14?

Height: 5'5

Body Type: Thin, though he isn't entirely toothpick like when it comes to muscle. There's not much of it, but just enough for him.

Appearance: Mischievous eyes, the 'Dare devil grin,' as some call it, and his face is face is somewhat oval shaped, though not too round. He has that boyish look about him that provides the illusion of innocence.

Hair color: His hair is dark brown, to the point where it could pass for a shade of light black in certain lighting.

Hair style: His hair is wavy, and what someone would call... For lack of better wording, emo hair, though he isn't emo.

Eye color: A warm shade of chocolate brown with a few flecks of black.

Blood Status: Half blood.

Background: Sparky was always wondering why everyone fussed about said Chosen One. Sure, he's important, but Harry's a regular human too. Sparky was born and raised in London by his two loving parents. When it came time for him to be admitted to Hogwarts, well he was just too excited. He could not wait to board the train. However, his parents had kept a secret from him he only recently found out: He used to have an older sister. He found this out when he got to Hogwarts. The teachers and Headmaster said he looked just like her. When he contacted his parents about it, they said Her name was Rachel Sparks, and she died by the hand of a Death Eater when he was only 2.

House: Ravenclaw

Year: He's in third year.

Roommates: Any OC's submitted for Ravenclaw

Favorite Class: Transfiguration

Most Hated Class: Charms (He can never get the freakin spells right without help from a friend or teacher!)

Most Hated Professor: Flitwick (Once again, he can never get the freakin spells right!)

Favorite Professor: Snape is his favorite. He thinks it's cool how he talks all slowly and pauses in the middle of words.

Home: Amber Lane.

Mother: Izzy Sparks

Father: Daniel Sparks

Siblings (Do they go to Hogwarts too?): Rachel Sparks. She used to go to Hogwarts, but was murdered when she was in fourth year.

Friends: Any OC's, Cecily, Ginny, Fred and George, Luna, Hermione, and Neville.

Crush: Luna Lovegood, he's often around her.

Enemies: Crabbe, Goyle, and Draco, and anyone who bullies his friends.

Personality: Sparky is mischievous and is usually raising an eyebrow accompanied by a curious smile. He loves to prank and have fun but knows when to be serious. He loves getting people to smile, especially Luna, and he hasn't the slightest idea if she likes him back or not. Though he sometimes doesn't pay attention, he usually gets very great marks in his classes, with the exception of charms...

Favorite food: His favorite food would have to bee homemade enchiladas.

Hobby: Pulling pranks, painting, playing piano, and writing short stories.

Pet? What kind and what is it?: A medium sized silvery gray owl with big yellow eyes, named Snow Storm.

Pet Relationship: Sparky and his pet get along rather well, though sometimes Snow Storm can be stubborn.

Patronus: A semi large bat.


-Wood: Cherry mahogany

-Core: Dragon scale

-Length: 11 3/4

Clothing: Ian loves all sorts of colors, but will never wear the colors pink and yellow. Prefers to wear comfortable clothing, such as jeans, T-shirts, hoodies, etc.

Does you're OC play Quidditch? Any prefered position?: Yes, he plays Quidditch. The preferred position is chaser.

Is your OC a friend, enemy, or love interest to my OC?: He's a friend to her. He gets along with her. At least he thinks so.
10/10/2011 c1 Toby
Sounds like a fun idea. I'll throw one out here.

Name: Agatha Thorne

Age: 13

Height: 4'3"

Body Type (thin, athletic build, overweight): Overweight. Severly. Rather round because of her height and too chest heavy for her own good.

Appearance: Plain, unremarkable, pudgy face, thick fingers, big eyes and oily skin.

Hair color: dirty blonde

Hair-style (curly, straight/length): wavy, long

Eye color: brown

Blood status: Muggleborn

Background: Her parents are strict and religious Roman Catholic, and didn't take kindly to finding out their daughter was a witch. After trying to "save her mortal soul from Satan," she ends up at Hogwarts as a reprieve from her parents.

House: Slytherin

Year: third

Roommates: Daphne Greengrass, Milicient Bulstrode and Tracy Davis.

Favorite Class: History of Magic (It's easy to stay in the back and be ignored!)

Most Hated Class: Transfigurations, cecause she just can't seem to get it.

Most hated professor: Professor Trelawney, as she had a "vision" during class one day and announced to everyone that she'd be miserable and die a spinster.

Favorite Professor: Professor Flitwick

Home: Manchester

Mother: Elisheba Thorne

Father: Richard Thorne

Siblings: (Do they go to Hogwarts too?) Only child

Friends: currently friendless, and too shy to approach anyone.

Crush: She had a large crush on one of the SLytherin Prefects in her first year at school, but after the dueling demonstration in second year, she harbored a secret crush on Snape.

Enemies: The majority of Slytherin house harasse her terribly, and no one really steps up to help. The other houses tend to laugh at her misfortune, or sometimes join, just to get a shot at tormenting a Slytherin for a change. Draco Malfoy is a reoccurring bully, but Pansy Parkinson and Daphne Greengrass know how to make their words sting harsher than any hex.

Personality: A bookworm. Though she reads a lot, very little of it is school related, and her schoolwork therein is average. She is shy and quiet and terribly insecure about herself to the point of self-loathing, and her appearance and blood status leave her to be the center of most bullying inside her house, and because of her house people assume the worst, the remaining houses tend to keep away from her.

Favorite Food or Candy: Country Fried Steak

Hobby: Reading fantasy novels.

Pet? What kind and what is its name?: She has none

Pet Relationship?: (Is the pet you OC's best friend, or is it a nuisance?) N/A

Patronus: Vulture


-Wood: Maple

-Core: Unicorn Tail Hair

-Length: 8 3/4"

Clothing style: At home, she must wear long, conservative dresses and skirts. But she will prefer anything baggy enough to hide her body.

Does your character play Quidditch? Any preferred position on the field? She is horrible at physical sports.

Is your OC a friend, enemy, or love interest to my OC?: Does acquaintance count for something? They see each other in class and pass each other in halls, but Thorne never instigates conversation with anyone out of general fear of being mocked and bullied, but who knows what could happen...?

I do have a question however about your OC, how exactly can she be a pureblood if her mother is a muggleborn? Technically both she and Harry are Halfbloods. Anyway, use this as you wish, or scrap it, just thought a character going through typical teen hormones and social issues would be an interesting insert. We all had them! :)
10/10/2011 c1 Meh why not
Name: Mary Evers

Age: 13

Height: 5'4"

Body Type (thin, athletic build, overweight): Average though on the thinner side because of her height.

Appearance: Oval face shape with a chin dimple.

Hair color: Dark brown.

Hair-style (curly, straight/length): Straight and about mid-back.

Eye color: Light brown.

Blood status: Pureblood

Background: Mary lives with her single dad and younger sister. Her mother was killed during the terror of Voldermort. Mary loves Quidditch and riding her broomstick but strives to be an Auror like her mother when she grows up.

House: Gryffindor

Year: 3rd

Roommates: Cecily, Hermoine and whoever you decide to place in the story.

Favorite Class: DADA

Most Hated Class: Herbology

Most hated professor: Snape

Favorite Professor: She doesn't favor any but she did enjoy Lupin's teaching a lot.

Home: London

Mother: Maria (Silva) Evers. Deceased at 35.

Father: Mathew Evers. Alive, currently 38.

Siblings: Emily Evers. Alive, currently 9. She looks forward to attending Hogwarts in a few years.

Friends: Fond of the Weasley clan though her one good friend is Ron. She is friends with the Potters and has a mutual relationship with Hermoine. Tends to hang out with Seamus and Dean on several occasions.

Crush: Later begins to crush on Harry.

Enemies: Draco Malfoy and Filch.

Personality: She is quite brash and loud spoken and doesn't know when to shut up unless directly told. Mary believes in making the rules as she goes and lives for the thrill of life. She is quite sensitive about her height since she is among the tallest in her class at the moment. Her temper is not easily provoked.

Favorite Food or Candy: Chocolate frogs. Waffles.

Hobby: Watching and playing Quidditch (though not on a competitive level). She enjoys walking around the castle and teasing people relentlessly.

Pet? What kind and what is its name?: Owl named Athena courtesy of Emily.

Pet Relationship?: She is tolerable of Athena but usually doesn't enjoy any kind of animal that can fly and attack.

Patronus: Baby tiger.


-Wood: Chestnut

-Core: Unicorn hair

-Length: 13 and a half inches.

Clothing style: Comfort over style, Mary loves large T-shirts and loose sweaters she can pull off one shoulder. She prefers wearing sweats over skirts and shorts over jeans.

Does your character play Quidditch? Any preferred position on the field? Not competitively but just for fun.

Is your OC a friend, enemy, or love interest to my OC?: Friend
10/10/2011 c1 6kamion
I like the idea:

here is an OC character I am toying with already some time but could not wrap a story around

Name: Julius Sirius Malfoy

Age: born march 17, 2003

Height: 4 foot something

Body Type (thin, athletic build, overweight): medium thin

Appearance: pale and “pointy face”

Hair color: yetblack

Hair-style (curly, straight/length): straight

Eye color: gray

Blood status: HalfBlood ( one maternal halfblood grandparent)

Background: eldest son of Draco Malfoy and Astoria Malfoy-Greenglass, born during the first year of his parents Healer assignment in Dark Africa, but sent to England to be raised by Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy to avoid exposure to exotic child-disseases. Named after a favorite but deceased cousin of Lucius Malfoy and his Black ancestery.

House: Durmstrang 2nd House

Year: 2014

Roommates: Victor Ilitsch Poliakoff

Favorite Class: Combative & Defensive Dark Arts

Most Hated Class: Runology

Most hated professor: Gertrude Rutschzumthall, Runology

Favorite Professor: Iwan Petrowisch Kropotkin, Combative & Defensive Dark Arts

Home: Malfoy Manor, Blackener Heathers in Wiltshire

Mother: Astoria Jane Greenglass

Father: Draco Lucius Malfoy

Siblings: (Do they go to Hogwarts too?) Julia Sorvodonia Malfoy (Beauxbatons) & Scorpius Regulus Malfoy (Hogwarts)

Friends: Victor Ilitsch Poliakof

Crush: Ormutaga Krum ( daughter of Victor Krum)

Enemies: Gerhold von der Fichtenblatt, prefect 1st House

Personality: cocksure and mischivous with tendency for juvenile delinquency

Favorite Food or Candy: kipper

Hobby: irritating his father( a lot).

Pet? What kind and what is its name?: grey owl called Hyperion Pet Relationship?: (Is the pet you OC's best friend, or is it a nuisance?) “brother in crime”

Patronus: porcupine

Wand: Ollivander

-Wood: briar

-Core: dragonheartstring

-Length: 10”5 inches

Clothing style: black and provocative conservative.

Does your character play Quidditch? Any preferred position on the field? No

Is your OC a friend, enemy, or love interest to my OC?:

difficult, as your OC is of a different generation, but it could be love for an older woman.
10/10/2011 c1 6SunshineToMoonlight
Name: Jenna Morgana

Age: 13

Height: 4"'11

Body Type (thin, athletic build, overweight): Thin

Appearance: high cheek bones, one dimple which shows when she smiles on her right cheek.

Hair color: Brown hair that is usally in a pony tail

Hair-style (curly, straight/length): Wavy. Hair goes to her shoulder blades.

Eye color: Grey eyes

Blood status: Half-Blood

Background: Jenna grew up with one older brother and her parents. Her parents divorced, while Jenna and Mason live with there father. Jenna has no contact with her mother. Her father doesn't have a another wife, but has told them time and time again that when the right person comes along, He'll marry them. Jenna and Mason have been friends since she was younger. Jenna is very good at making friends, and can talk to anyone, which she gets from her mother.

House: Ravenclaw

Year: 3rd

Roommates: Padma Patil, Others

Favorite Class: Defense Against The Dark Arts

Most Hated Class: History of Magic

Most hated professor: Proffesor Binns

Favorite Professor: Proffesor Lupin and Proffesor Flitwick

Home: Ottery St. Catchpole

Mother: Casey Morgana*muggle*

Father: Lloyd Morgana*pureblood*

Siblings: (Do they go to Hogwarts too?) Mason*Hogwarts; Age: 13; House: Hufflepuff*

Friends: A select few(Neville, Seamus, Luna, Fred and George Weasley, and some more)

Crush: George Weasley

Enemies: Marcus Flint, Anyone who decides to make fun of her and her friends or her family.

Personality: She's very bubbly with her friends and basically tries to see the world through Rose-colored glasses. Jenna is very respectful to people she believes deserves it. Jenna loves books but is not an all time reader. Jenna can be seen in the great hall with a book. She loves challenges and it brings out her competitive side. Jenna can get very protective and will do anything to keep her and her family and closest mates safe. Jenna is very kind-hearted and strong. She is one of those people who smile when they are breaking inside.

Favorite Food or Candy: Food- Sheperds Pie/Candy- Chocolate Frogs

Hobby: Writing anything

Pet? What kind and what is its name?: Jenna has a pet Dog and it's name is Jackson

Pet Relationship?: (Is the pet you OC's best friend, or is it a nuisance?) Her companion who is always there for her.

Patronus: Horse.


-Wood: Vine wood

-Core: Unicorn Tail

-Length: 11 in.

Clothing style: She loves t-shirts that have alot of different colors. Jenna wears alot of pants, but never skinny jeans. Her favorite shows are her blue converse. She also loves ballet flats. Jenna doesn't accersorize but every once in a while she'll wear a bracelet or two with her outfit.

Does your character play Quidditch? Any preferred position on the field? No. Jenna does enjoy watching the games though.

Is your OC a friend, enemy, or love interest to my OC?: Friend
10/10/2011 c1 1Kasey's Korner
Interesting! (I agree with Cecily, Trelawney is SO creepy) I'll submitting an OC, if you don't mind :D

Name: Gabrielle Maria Carson. Her friends call her Gabby, sometimes Gabs.

Age: 13

Height: 4'8.5" (but when she reaches 16, she'll be 5"3. This is, sadly, the tallest she'll be XD)

Body Type (thin, athletic build, overweight): Petite

Appearance: She's got a baby face and rosy cheeks.

Hair color: Brown

Hair-style (curly, straight/length): Falls about 2 inches below her shoulers in ringlets. She's got straight cut bangs.

Eye color: Brown

Blood status: Pureblood

Background: She comes from a wealthy Pureblood family. Her mother, Helen, is very close to Narcissa. As a result, she and her sister, Marcy, had to spend some summers at Malfoy Manor with Draco, whose “better than thou” attitude kind of annoyed her at first (she got used to it). Her father, Mark, works at the Ministry. He dotes on her and spoils her rotten. She then to Hogwarts when she was 11 and became best friends with Pansy.

House: Slytherin

Year: Third

Roommates: Pansy, other OCs.

Favorite Class: Charms

Most Hated Class: Ancient Runes.

Most hated professor: Binns. So boring.

Favorite Professor: Snape

Home: Uh. Somewhere in England? It’d be big, though seeing as she’s wealthy.

Mother: Helen Carson

Father: Mark Carson

Siblings: (Do they go to Hogwarts too?) Older sister, Marcy. She’s a Slytherin Fifth Year.

Friends: Blaise, Draco (kind of. They’re more like frenemies.), Pansy (she and Pansy clicked like THAT. They’re best friends). She’s friendly with Luna because she’s a pureblood. Other Slytherins, maybe some OCs?

Crush: Draco. She’ll NEVER admit it, not for the life of her. She can’t believe she likes him, especially since he can be such a prat at times.

Enemies: She cannot stand Seamus. She has no idea why, but he just annoys her to no end. Crabbe and Goyle… Well, that time she stabbed Crabbe with a quill wasn’t an accident.

Personality: She is, to put it simply, a Pureblood elitist. Her friends are pretty much all Purebloods. To them, she’s bright and bubbly, and ALWAYS happy, with a huge dose of bitchiness. Yes, she’s a bitch, albeit a happy one, but she doesn’t bother to hide that. If she doesn’t like you, she’ll try to be civil. But if you insult her or her family or friends, she’ll snap.

Favorite Food or Candy: Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate.

Hobby: Reading with Hermoine, writing, drawing, and Quidditch.

Pet? What kind and what is its name?: A tabby, Juice

Pet Relationship?: (Is the pet you OC's best friend, or is it a nuisance?) It depends. He seems to like sitting on her homework while she’s in the midst of doing it. But he always snarls at annoying idiots (Crabbe and Goyle) when they walk by Gabby, so that evens it out.

Patronus: Fox


-Wood: Ash

-Core: Unicorn Tail

-Length: 11"

Clothing style: Girly. She likes dresses and skirts and pretty blouses.

Does your character play Quidditch? Any preferred position on the field?: No WAY. She can’t play to save her life. She thinks flying side saddle (with her legs both swung over one side of the broom) is fun, but she’s afraid of heights. Her hand eye coordination is an absolute fail as well. She likes watching, though.

Is your OC a friend, enemy, or love interest to my OC?: She’s neutral. Seeing as she’s Pansy’s best friend, she doesn’t take kindly to someone not liking Pansy, who she thinks is awesome.
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