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for Oh but darling, he doesn't even know

8/21/2013 c1 164Cotto
Excellent, I really liked the sibling arguement ongoing in the story "I don't know why you hate me!".
In short, Sam's causing a profound disfunction between her and her twin, (why Sam hates Melanie I really Don't know! but she's ALWAYS mean to her!)...
Those two girls need serious family counciling!
12/15/2011 c1 MBB
a nicely written and very human ficlet.
10/12/2011 c1 bluejay63
hey. great story. maybe you will write so more? think about a story about i twins but freddie did not act so stupid
10/11/2011 c1 3lemon1110
Aww poor Sam! That's totally how i feel with my evil younger sister.

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