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for The Final Awakening

4/17/2013 c1 24othiara
Love it! So well-written and so sad. You captured the emotions of the moment perfectly.
2/14/2012 c1 5B and B are Back
Please continue!
10/27/2011 c1 2The Sheep Of Destiny
This is good! Hope to see more of it!
10/21/2011 c1 RayenOfDeadStarsAndPlanets
Why am I toruting myself this way? Reading so many amzing and yet sad Steve Jinx orreinated fics is going to kill me! I love this!-sad-
10/19/2011 c1 16Spottedpool
you should write what happens next! :O really good.
10/12/2011 c1 33Kirk Baldridge
I can absolutely see this.

In those first few seconds after the explosion, watching Mrs. F die right in front of her, Claudia just knows its all over and there is no reason for her not to bring Steve back.

By the time Pete or Artie called the B&B to tell everyone they were okay, she would be long gone.

Nicely done.
10/12/2011 c1 15SpecialAgentWho13
If I could have, selfishly, I would have brought back Mrs. Frederic because if I were Claudia, I would have been hella scared of my whole 'destiny' as a warehouse keeper thing. But maybe that's just me. Haha, great fic, nice work :)

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