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11/13/2013 c4 Ummeduh
Gah! Oh frond, you're gonna make me poo my pants here! Keep the awesomeness to yourself please. 3

11/13/2013 c3 cazyfowlfan
Thats what I'm feeling like at the moment... *cries in corner* I cant even-*sniffle* tell you-*sniffle sniffle* just can't-*takes bite of chocolate* why!
11/13/2013 c2 anonymousfangirl
You're really good with making a story line and I really like it! Nice cliff-hanger, but the only problem is you switch from past tense to future to present and so forth in the same sentence at the wrong times, other than that I like it a lot! And I totally forgive your mistakes because of how good this story is, and how much I am just wanting to end this review to read the next chapter! Oh frond, I love you Arty!
11/13/2013 c9 Diana.wisperwind
nice story
plz update soon
11/12/2013 c9 12shaadiaThePrincessOfWeird
ooh...who is it? Holly? Trouble? OPAL?!
this is seriously awesome...
11/11/2013 c9 Bunny4eva2
I will pray for your friends.
I love this story! Lol, for one moment I got scared it was artemisxOC... :) please update soon.
11/11/2013 c9 7BookwormGirl16
Just a little advice, the plot is good so far but maybe you would want to try a beta? There's just a few grammatical mistakes that make it a bit more difficult to read in places, if you don't want to have a beta- maybe just try looking through it a bit more carefully?
11/11/2013 c9 bluesargayent
Please continue! I finally got to read the graphic novel of book one and my addiction has been revamped! Artemis and Holly looked like I imagined them, but Mulch and Foaly didn't. I guess I figured they would be more humanoid. Mulch was a lot like the satyr guy for Disney's Hercules . . .
I hope your friends are safe. I heard about the typhoon and its seems absolutely horrible. I'm somewhat Christian (in no way strictly Catholic) and I'll be sure to think of them when I pray.
11/11/2013 c9 NOM NOM
I will pray for them.
So, good story, I think I will like it as long as it stays a Holly x Artemis fic. And u assured me it will stay that no super errors, though some minor grammar errors, and u do leave out some words. But that's okay because many people more mistakes and stuff, so I don't care about the minor stuff...
11/11/2013 c9 82whitie
I'm really sorry to hear about the hurricane and your friends...I'll include them in my prayers. Also, I am really enthusiastic about the school setting...I love stories that have Artemis is the school setting presented in the book, but it is so hard to find them, because they usually have a Mary-sue or a school dance. IrArtemis decides to transfer to a public school, so thanks for the awesome story
10/18/2013 c8 Bunny4eva2
Please continue! Great story so far..
9/11/2013 c8 BookwormGirl16
I really love this story, but there are a few things that could be improved upon.

1. Grammar, you tend to just have a few minor mistakes but a good way to check yourself is put it in Google translate and have it read it to you (or get a beta).

2. POV, you switch around A LOT, in one sentence you have two different POVs a few times. My suggestion is to try and figure out which one works for you and go with it :)

Hope to see more (Holly) soon!
9/11/2013 c8 VeroHolly16
Oh my God I love this fanfiction! Artemis is so damn cool, and he look so in love with Holly! I'm looking forward that Holly remember everything! Thank you for have wrote this, you made me happier!
8/11/2013 c7 Guest Girl
Please Update! I lurv this beautiful story. :) I want more. MORE!
7/22/2013 c7 Spooths
I would think that a genius such as Artemis would most Definetely be an atheist, or at least agnostic. They way he is built as a character makes it seen unlikely that he would have any religious belief.
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