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7/16/2012 c4 19Bobmin356
This is just a confusing mess. Others might find it good, but the pov changes are irritating.
7/11/2012 c5 Ibskib
The poetic elements are beautifully written, and although it is not the most coherent piece it would be an interesting Prologue to a longer fic.
6/24/2012 c5 1Kaseytrue
Dear Izara Sprightly of Redmont

Thank you for this story I hope you don't mind,but I have uploaded the me myself and I quote to facebook in a post.

This story is so true to me that I cant even believe it. Well the message is true to me, I am not abused or anything.

Please don't be offended by my posting of that quote on facebook. Thank you for this.

4/15/2012 c3 Izzy
You're only 13? Wow, you are exceptionally talented! Im jealous, there is no way I could write like that when I was 13... Anyway, I love this story, your writing style and how you've developed each character in your own way. Now to read the rest :)
3/27/2012 c5 Cristin Gryphon
I can give naught but a single word,

3/24/2012 c5 blueEyre
Cool story.
3/20/2012 c5 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Great ending to your short fic. I liked the ending especially. Thanks for sharing!
3/20/2012 c2 22Katzztar
It sounds like you're making Snap OOC and not hostile to other houses in this.

Because if events are same as the bok up to this point then=

Poppy needs to see how Snape treats Harry and Neville then say he's not a bastard. Sure he helps the students in his house, but is the absolutely horrible to those two.

Minerva is mistaken in thinking he's kept "the harassment at a minimum". He lets Mlfoy and others torment Harry and friends all the time, even in the potions class. When Ron got tired of Malfoy once and threw a crocodile heart straight to the face, Ron got in trouble. Yet when tables are turned Malfoy can throw things into Harry's cauldron but if Harry did anything, then its Harry in trouble. Malfoy never lets into trouble with Snape
3/15/2012 c4 5TheScarletIbis
Awwww Oh my gosh... best story ever! please please continue
3/15/2012 c4 31monbade
good start, hope u update soon

2/24/2012 c4 Circuitsoft
Are you really thirteen? This is very impressive, if for no other reason than spelling and grammar. I would recommend changing the rating, as just using the F-word makes it at least T if not T+. Also, most uses of it probably ought to be "bloody".

If you are thirteen, then your ability to articulate abuse and thoughts of the victim make me wonder if you are okay in your home life...
1/9/2012 c4 mabidiso
This entire story came as a shock to me. The summary did in no way prepare me for the angst-fest that was to come. It is well written, and I truly appreciate the format - telling the tale through the concentrated blocks of thoughts and feelings of various characters. Almost every bit of this story so far has taken place within the various characters' heads. Ron came as a shock to me. You have made him VERY self and environmentally aware, very observant and capable of complex observation and procesing of intricate detail. Yet he's a malicious buffoon for all that. For all his ability to see, he truly does not SEE. The people closest to him work hard for their achievements, both family and friends, and most of them pay heavy prices for their boons in life. He looks at them with such resentment, seeming to think that they are undeseveredly gifted with everything freely, while he sits on the sidelines left out. He wants what he thinks others have, but doesn't want to work for it nor pay for it. I loved Luna's and Hermione's thoughts, and Poppy's and Minerva's were powerful and jarring. Totally loved Hermione standing up for herself and laying that boor Malfoy out, both physically and emotionally. Severus' thoughts were not unexpected, and were too brief to immerse within. Harry's section, as you must know, was otherworldly and spectacular. I want to see that child. The one who wrote the poems in his own blood. The one who returned his grandmother's heirloom ring to his undeserving aunt to keep it out of the hands of an even more undeserving harlot (not because we know anything about her, but willingly associating so intimately with Vernon proves her lack of standards). I want to see the child who reasoned and reserched and understood his status as an abused child, the status of his abusers as monsters and freaks, who concluded that he held the moral high ground, and that he did not need to present the other cheek and love them to do so. I want to see that child prevail.
1/7/2012 c4 26Athena's phoenix
I really like your poems. They add so much depth, and are well written; much better than I could do, in any case. Keep up the good work; I eagerly await your next update!
1/5/2012 c4 34David-El
A great start, but you confuse me. Which soul was kissed, Harry's or Tom's? Because if it was Tom's soul that the Dementor took, then Harry shouldn't even know what the Cruciatus Curse is, let alone want to put his relatives under it. But keep up the good work.
1/3/2012 c4 moreativan
Great update!

Thanks so much for writing,

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