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11/10/2015 c1 Mrsdenisemalik
Omg that was so good. I just smirked at Elena's jealousy. I love Jeremy and Damon together, to me it's hard to find stories with these two. I'm already reading Wicked and I'm glad I found this one.
4/6/2012 c20 17DrowningInTheRainbow
Wow! This whole series of Jeremy stories was amazing! Jeremy is my favorite character and I would gladly change him for Elena (just to see Damon and Stefan fighting over him) but ah you've basically done that! Anyways again this was amazing!
1/30/2012 c20 KalaKitsune
I'm sad to see it end, but u must say, it was such a great ending.
1/14/2012 c19 KalaKitsune
Aww, sweet! Just one more chapter though! And that thought saddens me a bit, because I love your wonderful Stefan/Jeremy-ness and the way you write Klause. And I don't have to mention Damon/Jeremy, because I think I made my love for that pairing known a long time ago!
1/14/2012 c18 KalaKitsune
Woohoo! A proposal! I loved it, and don't mind if Jer is OCC, because this was wonderful!

Thank you! And as long as you continue to write I'll be here reading and reviewing. And to think you wrote this because my drabbles? Unbelievably wonderful! I had fun with mine and I hope you enjoy your wonderful 'baby' as well, because I do.

12/23/2011 c17 KalaKitsune
I do so love some fluff! And I like Stefan/Jeremy almost as much as Damon/Jeremy, but it's just so rare! I'll be sad to see Dark Shines go, but the other story is marvliois! So I understand!
12/16/2011 c16 KalaKitsune
It's good. I like it! As for ideas... I'm frag out... I haven't been working on my own things either ..
12/5/2011 c9 8Notsalony
It's interesting watching the two sides of this story. -smiles-
12/5/2011 c15 KalaKitsune
Liked it. I wouldn't mind seeing the Salvatore conversation based on it though. (Can never get enough Damon!)
12/5/2011 c14 KalaKitsune
I'm becoming quite fond of your Klaus/Jeremy ficlets. They are nice, fresh and new, and wouldn't complain if there were to be more. I'd give ideas and suggestions, but I really need to catch up on my Vampire Diaries first.

Great job,

12/5/2011 c6 Notsalony
I think the computer glitched and took me to chapter 5 when I tried to review for chapter 6, sorry.
12/5/2011 c5 Notsalony
OH MY GOD! -hugs- You are amazing. I... I am so going to use this in a fic later... I have one where Jeremy did become a vampire that I'm working on... gods I can see that working... and... -SMILES- yes... this is amazing.
12/4/2011 c1 Notsalony
Good start.
11/30/2011 c13 KalaKitsune
Great chapter!
11/21/2011 c12 KalaKitsune
Yay! Another great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
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