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for A Tale of Two Tyrants

2/10/2020 c3 mrskrystle
More please!
12/22/2018 c3 pfft
oh this is brilliant.
12/30/2017 c3 dragonlots
I'm really enjoying this crossover. Has some wonderful humorous moments.
6/14/2017 c1 157Qoheleth
Dear Sky:

While this is one of the more delightful collision-of-worlds stories I've seen in a while - both in terms of concept and of treatment - I feel obliged to ask: where are you getting the 1996 date for Carpathia's accession from? I don't recall Jenkins and LaHaye ever giving specific dates in the books - though I'll admit that I never finished the series, on account of them spitting on John 6:37 at the beginning of "Armageddon". ("Him that cometh to Me, I will not cast out - except when I will." In the most literal sense of the words, damn Calvinism.)

1/25/2017 c3 8geistklempner
Will you continue this? It's good!
11/24/2016 c3 3Scabbers1957
This is good, I read all of the Left Behind series, so this caught my eye. I see its been awhile since you updated..are you planning to continue this? I'll add it to my story alerts just in case you do.
Take care n God bless.

4/13/2016 c1 8geistklempner
This is brilliant on principle.
9/8/2015 c3 Caine13
Please tell you're going another chapter. Also what about Harry Potter? What will his fate be. Where did the wizards come from exactly if not the devil himself?
3/6/2015 c3 33Wonder777
I never thought I ever would see this. Though I have pondered what alliance Nicolae would have with Voldemort...Nick would get Voldemort on his good side then take him out. That's how I see it. But great idea! Keep it up!
12/11/2014 c1 Caine13
I have a few questions about this. Don't get me wrong this is an awesome story, like shouldn't the Wizard kids be rapture as well.
8/13/2014 c3 Guest
Just asking how does the Wizard thing work if the devil didn't make them, and if so all good wizards are now in hell? Even dumbledore and haggrid that sucks.
7/13/2013 c1 3basicwannabes
Okay, this is amazing. I was sooo excited to see Left Behind under Harry Potter crossovers, and when I clicked on this, I was NOT disappointed! Your writing style is amazing, not to mention the incredible creativity of your story. I love it. :)
12/6/2012 c1 Guest
Why not make it so that Voldemort and Nicolae Carpathia are the same person? Riddle certainly showed his ability to charm people as a teenager, similar to how Nicolae deceives people. Riddle's "death" at Harry's hands (the final one in Deathly Hallows, not the beginning of Philosopher's Stone) simply makes Nicolae unable to assume the form of Voldemort anymore so he has to play dead. It would make Riddle?Carpathia the perfect pawn for Satan.
10/11/2012 c1 Arye7
please update this already! This is Unique and I love it so much!
9/11/2012 c3 Guest
I really loves this update now!
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