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for Mass Effect: Clash of Civilizations

4/5 c21 nilsrisch184
Too bad its dead
3/23 c19 stylo1
you really know how to draw things out, nearly a whole chapter just for exchanging language, ive been skipping over a lot more then half at this point
3/15 c16 archmagelite
the asari human thing seems like a silly addition and needless complication.
2/2 c1 ndabdm
For those hoping for an update

It’s been 4 1/2 years... let go
1/29 c21 Ashran31
Soooo, new chapter?
1/27 c1 Guest
I don’t like it when the council tries to get their nasty hands into everything and steal another species hard work by just Reverse engineering technology make your own damn shit
1/23 c21 tsaplin
Still waiting.
1/13 c21 HelloThere
I hope you make more chapters the story is great and interesting.
1/9 c21 Xandorian
Good story but, Halo has much larger ship sizes. The ships are around 2.65 times larger than recorded, bringing a Paris class frigate to over 1.4 kilometers long and a Halcyon class light cruiser becomes just over 3 km long. The MAC gun also have 10 times the velocity fully charged (300 kms) but are fired at 10-40% charge. Basically Halo would rofl stomp and power fantasy Mass Effect
12/6/2020 c20 Guest
archeologist - archaeologist
12/6/2020 c18 Guest
how advance - how advanced
12/6/2020 c18 Guest
masters' mantel of ascendancy - masters' mantle of ascendancy
12/6/2020 c16 typos
didn't here that from me - didn't hear that from me

their sending ships - they're sending ships
12/6/2020 c16 Guest
than what are we saying - then what are we saying
12/6/2020 c15 typo
our most power ship - our most powerful ship
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