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for Mass Effect: Clash of Civilizations

10/25 c16 Guest
Absolutely, mass effect ships suffer the square cube problem. Where slipspace drives scale on a more 1to 1 basis. Plus slipspace drives expense and minimum size requirements make anything smaller then a halo frigate extremely wasteful.
10/19 c21 laughingfox31
Please update. Its been 4 years
9/11 c16 Guest
I understand how you would make this story in a way.
7/24 c5 War
Where are the fucking Spartans
7/18 c19 kenodoxia
nah, nah, they just had a massive security breach and an attack on the commander of the vessel. there is no chance of of kumbaya at this point. why would the party on the receiving end of the security breach ever de-escalate. You shoot the one holding a gun to to commander's head, you don't reach a stand-off, you take him out, and apprehend the others, seperating the mind melded one from the others. especially when you consider the history of humans. Then it's all oni. there is no peaceful contact when they steal information, attack a commanding officer, then point a gun to his head
6/29 c1 Guest
I'm getting really tired of explaining even if no one bothers to check the reviews; the author past away.

Confirmed by his family that also decided to leave his account alone.
6/17 c21 ThunderbladeN
I still have hope, after reading through this, that this man will finish his trilogy. I have hope.
5/31 c21 Guest
F to this story
5/17 c21 7thearizona
Well you got me hooked on this story. I know it’s been four years but I’m here hoping for a new chapter after reading all 21 of them over the course of a day or so. Some people say you are going slow, but I’m actually really enjoying it. The building up to much more, especially given this is a trilogy? There’s no needs to go fast. Some of my favorite stories Have over 100 chapters with tens of thousands of words per chapter. It’s cause they go slow.
Keep up the good work!
5/11 c20 Bolis67
Story is great, But the movement of the plot is SLOW as hell. But good job even its 4 yrs late.
5/11 c20 Bolis67
Twenty chapters. Only this chapter is where the plot finally MOVED
5/1 c14 Difdi
The quarian oath, “Keelah Selai” literally means “by the homeworld I hope to one day see.” Quarians don’t pray to their homeworld as a god, though they do sometimes swear “by the homeworld” much like how Russians will refer to the motherland in the same way. Tali would never pray to “Keelah,” no quarian would, because that’s not a god.
4/14 c21 3Foxy-Floof
Holy shit.

Is it the fact that Humanity has AI's everywhere that has deterred the Reapers?
3/13 c11 sugoijack9
Damn, at least humanity here is prepared for war. Since they got huge military arsenal compared to their Mass Effect counterpart.
3/13 c10 sugoijack9
This aliens are about to be amazed by this advanced humans from Halos more surprising than their Mass Effect counterpart.
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