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1/27/2012 c14 2CarlosIsAmaZAYN
yay! nice end !(;
1/25/2012 c14 Lashton
OMB! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WHY DOES IT HAFTA B OVER! Dude, I sware, like best story evah! Haha! I so hope u do make a sequel bc i will so read it! I mean like, cargan and kames FTW!
1/21/2012 c4 Happyimagines
This is sooooo cute!
1/13/2012 c13 CarlosIsAmaZAYN

sorry i took way too much to say that!
1/11/2012 c13 21Deathmetal180
First thing, Happy belated birthday!

Second, I love the story. Very nice thinking, continue writing.
12/22/2011 c3 198Insert a Catchy Penname Here
Awwwwww so cute!
12/22/2011 c2 Insert a Catchy Penname Here

"We should turn them back now,"

"Nah, I want to play with them for a little while,"

LOL oh no...:)
11/27/2011 c12 2woopwoop10
11/27/2011 c11 woopwoop10
i hope kendall soesnt turn too
11/27/2011 c10 woopwoop10
11/27/2011 c9 woopwoop10
this chap. is half sad and half funyy.
11/27/2011 c8 woopwoop10
dont leave us ona cliffhanger
11/27/2011 c7 woopwoop10
sux 4 logan!
11/27/2011 c6 woopwoop10
lol they are cute when they are little
11/27/2011 c5 woopwoop10
this story is awesome!
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