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7/9 c2 kiyumicruz86
ME ENCANTA ! aparte de querer leer a Ron en Slytherin me encanta que este característica de que es vidente.
ouch ! vio a sus hermanos...

perdón por escribir en español el inglés no es mi idioma y estoy traduciendo para poder leer tu obra.
6/24 c58 1JCielle
6/22 c47 JCielle
Just wanted to say Ron, he was literally raped, no he would not want to "take responsibility"
6/13 c1 dayeon247
I love this work! I've found it two days ago, and I read it over two days. Ohhhh since my favorite is Ron, I really happy to find this and read. I'll wait until you back and upload next chapter.
6/8 c58 AValiantIdiot
I just binged this whole story in the last two days and was really impressed! It's such an interesting concept and it was written with such care and thought. There are so many moving parts and it's interesting to see how Ron is altering the canon more and more as the story goes on. Thank you author for such an amazing read! I hope life is treating you well. Don't feel pressured to update take all the time you need, you've given us readers such an amazing story already!
5/24 c2 Guest
In canon, Harry is just an average wizard lol. He shows maybe a tiny bit of above average talent, but that is it. No where close to Dumbledore lol, don't make me laugh.
5/23 c6 cheese12345
omgomgomg ron's journal! :O I'm guessing Nott took it?
5/20 c2 cheese12345
omg i just started reading this and I'm so excited! i love the idea of Ron in Slytherin!
5/19 c58 1Tom2011
I really hope Daphne and Ron get together. Also it is first Ron story I find interesting, so please keep good work and I hope it will not disappoint in future.
4/29 c44 Drarrywillcoshipper7
i had the worst, unwalkable, hotpocker, debilitating, 30 second long cramp as soon as umbridge got to her office. good job, you really captured her. book 5 is my most read book simply cause i love to hate her.
4/21 c57 12excessivelyperky
Excellent chapter-good battle choreography as well.

Mmm...won't miss Lucius, though of course Ron does have the Dark Mark, which automatically makes him evil even though he saved Sirius' life.

(although Ron could have told Snape about Sirius dying at the Ministry, and Snape could have put a Body-Bind on Sirius to keep him from going).

Love the Evil Cliffie.
4/9 c56 excessivelyperky
I'm surprised that Slytherin doesn't have copies of the Ministry tests hidden away; the co-op I lived in for my first year of college had some excellent material for Zoology, just to name one class. If Ron really has super good notes, he could Geminio them for pocket cash (I am a little bit surprised that some ambitious Ravenclaw hasn't already thought of this).

And of course there's a firefight just to keep things lively...I am also surprised at how fair the decision by Dumbledore was over it. I'm sure Snape was, too.
3/18 c58 SIREN
This is so good, come back please!

'' some siblings do not apologise'' dont i know it lmao

Can Ron and Daphne start dating already? Urgh they are so cute and in loveeeee

Cant wait for the update!
3/18 c55 excessivelyperky
Good chapter. I think some of Ron's visions are from other timelines, to be honest, but hey, Dumbledore probably already knows that.

I wish Ron luck at the Death Eater meeting, he'll need it. Oh, and for his mundane memories, he can concentrate on Hermione and how she makes him feel...
3/11 c54 excessivelyperky
Oh, excellent! I'm glad Ron had it out with George.

And that new law? It's the Ministry getting to disappear anyone they don't like for perpetuity law. It's kind of the thing they did in Argentina for a while, and now Russia has it again (although they pretty much always had it, but Putin's just putting his signature on it).
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