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2/9 c58 2Aetzfeder
Thank you for sharing this. I enjoyed the concept and the story you weaved from it. I am a little sad that it will probably remain unfinished.
1/26 c57 Dreamboy7
about time they called each other as friends. they love each other even if they don't show it. and ron and Daphne love story would be brilliant. they'll argue like mad, Daphne annoying him to no end but secretly loving it
1/19 c52 Aetzfeder
I really enjoy this story and I feel it picked up pace over the last few chapters. And I do not consider this chapter less interesting than the others. There is plot and important stuff for the characters.
1/2 c58 Guest
Gosh ı want the read so bad romione. Uptade beg
11/19/2023 c58 ConstellationNocturnalReader
im guessing the fanfic writer curse got you
but um
the story is really good
easily one of the top 5 hp fics

also is this uploaded in ao3 as well? or is there a way to download this here?
5/9/2023 c1 Ronnie11
plz update it's very interesting I hope u r well
3/16/2023 c58 Guest
Porfavor actualiza, me encantó mucho ️️
3/13/2023 c58 carlachuquidia
please new cap is fantastic
2/25/2023 c58 o
2/25/2023 c7 HossamGasser0
man sadly i am not captivated by how the plot goes at all. Why are you having nott and ron act as though they are teenagers not 11 year old kids, and what is not a fully skilled duelist now dodging and all(without worry too WOW). Feels so contrived imo to have the nott and ron plot in year 1 as if you had no idea what to place and though year 1 cant be simple. Ron happy gryffindor wins is weird. Replacing Ron with Neville even though this is a ron centric fic (guess ron actually doesnt matter)
2/25/2023 c4 HossamGasser0
idk about how this story is written so far. firstly i dont think hermione is ooc since she wouldve acted just like this. why did ron keep running with them even after he realized he has a slip. Harry and neivelle wouldnt be mates just because ron is not in gryffindor. and hermione being their friend currently wouldnt make sense
2/25/2023 c2 HossamGasser0
ain't no way you think harry is "at least as strong as dumbledore or stronger". Also you saying "strong as severus snape or at least as strong as dumbledore" makes it seem like snape is stronger which i seriously hope you do not believe that
2/15/2023 c7 RiIl
every time I see the word core I die a little on the inside.
1/26/2023 c1 Guest
You can really see Ron’s voice in the writing coming through
1/10/2023 c13 1ThreateningMedicine
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