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10/16/2011 c1 spunkmehard
What a dark, perverse and fascinating read this was. Not sure what that says about me but I was glued to my monitor throughout. Always nice to have some Darkward and Jake going out so gruesomely...I'm not sure how to thank you! LOL Great job with this, thanks for sharing.
10/16/2011 c1 sarahlouise80
love the twist at the end.fantastic story loved it.
10/16/2011 c1 38Welcome2MyWorldxoxo
I was a little dubious at first, but the twist at the end was just golden.
10/16/2011 c1 Guest
Watch bad Jennifer Aniston movies much? ;-)
10/16/2011 c1 2Ellie Aluinn
Whoa! That was brilliant! Deliciously dark.
10/16/2011 c1 EdwardsBrunette2
Oh my god! That was fucking awesome! LOVE the twist! I love them both evil and twisted! That is my dream fic... When Bella has the control over Edward and either convinces him or provokes him into killing who she wants when she wants... Sex and blood and power...
10/16/2011 c1 avidreader69
Completely twisted! What a great ending, it completely shocked me and then makes me wonder about crazy people being able to spot each other in a crowd.
10/16/2011 c1 23Alby Mangroves
Oh My God, you kill me! That was amazing. Really, really amazing. Yes, you push the envelope. Yes, it's gruesome. Was it good? Damn, girl, to be inside your head when you were writing this... I can't even imagine.

I like that you make no pretense about what he is, and in the end, what this whole thing is. The brutality of thought and deed is not disguised with... well, anything.

Well done. That was hard to read, but worth it.
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