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11/23/2011 c9 RJRRAA
11/23/2011 c9 3quam314159
Really really good! Please make more!:) I can't wait to see what happens next!:)
11/23/2011 c9 1IShipFabrevans
OK, in any of yours pm's you didn't said anything about a cliffhanger‼! Ugh!.

I love jealous Sam! And I love Ryan he's funny, and I love this fic...I have a feeling this "something big" is going to be bad, I really hope to be wrong but I enjoy drama so bring it!. Its time for me to say it; please update soon!
11/23/2011 c8 IShipFabrevans
I wasn't expecting nothing of that, you really left me speechless. I seriously thought she was gonna get rape, you know like when you read a fic and you're 100% sure that the author don't have the guts or the balls to go all the way when it comes to rape?, here I was expecting a rape but thank god it didn't happen. As a girl you should know that rape it may be even worse than death sometimes, for me it is. But Wow this chapter was magnificent really BRAVO!.

Next and final (for now) chapter.
11/23/2011 c9 Hi
ah my god I want the next chapter!
11/23/2011 c9 agronderwood
11/23/2011 c7 IShipFabrevans
Poor Sam he has to reminded himself about having a wife, every second, shitty way of living.

I like that Sam said that Quinn talks without thinking, sooo true, she talks and acts without thinking, she is very faithful to her impulses, even when they're not the righ ones, like slapping Rachel and then feeling terrible about that. Thats Quinny Fabray for ya!.

This is a HUGE doubt I have, maybe you can help me; Americans can't cook anything besides Chicken&rice or its their favorite? its always rice and chicken. LOL.

Oh and the fact that young girls never know how to cook, (movies, books, tvshows, fics...)That's a insult, I can cook very well, thank you, and all my friends also rock at the kitchen, including guys.

Oh right! THEY KISSED! finally! its been less than...than 24 hours since I started this fic, and they finally kissed! Now you need to kill Mallory and everything is alright. No, wait! she is preggo you can't kill a baby. I'm curious about whats gonna happen with her. Let her leave until she's nine months and then, Brittany can run her over with her car, when she confuses the pedals, and then the doctor save the baby, but the bitch dies. Oh my so much hate!

Next chapter!.
11/23/2011 c6 IShipFabrevans
Thank God you let me know yesterday about this fic, so now I don't have to wait for next chapter. I was expecting the kiss! but I love how slow things are for them, just like real life, they're knowing eachother again.

I literally LOL at Quinn burning her tongue, poor thing, that sucks! I knew Sammy was going to paid, but next time make him say; Let me treat you to some dinner, so she can eat in peace. lol. Next chapter!
11/23/2011 c9 SQFever
Oh my goodness. Update as soon as possible. I honestly want to read more of this story. I seriously can't wait to see what Sam's gonna do. Also how he's gonna react to Mallory's baby not being his. That's if you mention it. But anyways, keep up the good work :)
11/23/2011 c9 letterstogether
THIS IWAS SOO GOOD! BUT OMG THE CLIFFHANGER! I NEED TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS! Anyways I'm thinking that it will be good but then Sam will find out about his -blech- wife Mallory's pregnacy and how he isn't the father. Then he will find out Quinn knows and then he'll be mad. I really hope that isn't the case. Anways please please please update this is so good!(:
11/23/2011 c9 noperds
this was flat out amazing, and now this is my favoriteeeee! please please please update soon! (:

11/23/2011 c9 11alli2345
11/23/2011 c5 1IShipFabrevans
I probably should not tell you this, but the beginning of the chapter disgust me, I was eating during the vomit part, just ewww.

I know that people ship Mercedes/tots but I am a hard core Quinn/bacon shipper LOL, awesome that Sam mentioned it!.

Quinn and Mallory little chat/fight on the elevator? I absolutely and completely loved it! I had a huge smile on my face during the whole conversation, and Quinn following her, brilliant!. Again I love Quinn, so reading her like that is amazing for me. But poor Puck, funny that Quinn analyzes everything and even feels pity for Mallory but still she finds none for Puck. Mhm...I can see that you hate Quick.

I don't have much else to said and I have some calculus problems to solve before going to bed, I will continue with this tomorrow. Unfortunately now my oneshot fic is going to have to wait a little longer, sorry but I'm going to blame you for that if my readers get impatient ;).

Good chapter, good fic and good night. LOL.
11/22/2011 c4 IShipFabrevans
Favorite chapter and favorite fic, and that's saying a lot, M fics are not my favorites and sometimes I skip those parts. I am not a prude far from that but I find fanfiction sex full of...well "fiction" but this was one of the most real Fabrevans sex I've ever read, good job.

I lmao at Sam with "I just don't trust the intern." I love when people said that, its so stupid, you don't need to trust the third person, with trusting the one you're dating/married is enough, Sam don't trust his wife and is blaming the intern, at least to me. But still me in that position I just kick the girl ass, if she keeps annoying, then is my bf fault. Easy as that.

Sorry but for me there's not a "filler chapter", I find that a excuse for authors when they are not sure about a chapter, I did that during one of my fics, can't remember which one...Anyway this was my favorite chapter but for more reasons than the sex. It seems to me that all the fabrevans writers have forgotten that Sam is a boy with a lot of confidence problems, but nothing of the bad things that happened to him during s2 was his fault or something he can or should blame himself, but for loosing Quinn, to me, yes he should, it was as much Quinn's fault as his, Santana and Finn don't count in their relationship, Quinn was overconfidence about having Sam, and Sam was a idiot, for listen to Santana instead of talking with his girl.

I like that he still feel not good enough for her, and less than Finn even when he called "good for nothing Finn". He's very alike Quinn, he broke up with Quinn and go out and hide himself behind Santana, instead of dealing with it. Both of them are cowards, thats why they were so perfect :D. I love Finn so can't say anything bad about him ;)

A little advice for when he finds out that his perfect wife is cheating on him, make him fly alone for a while, that would show character grow from that little coward teenage boy, and the mature man he is now, also I love that he called Quinn a woman, I always find it funny that someone who went through a pregnancy pretty much alone,(face it Quick shippers Puck is awesome now but he sucked during S1) is still called a girl. Quinn is a woman, a little crazy but a woman.

That would be all, it takes time for me to mark a fic as a favorite, but this one is one, maybe it was the summary, the rate...idk, but I am asking myself why I didn't read this fic before, the weird part is that I check AU fics, when they're new, I love AU fics.

Long review probably full of nothing good, sorry, but go and check my review for Leather&Lace and you'll see that those ones are also long, when I like a fic I leave long reviews! I can't help it!.

Oh btw thanks for the good laugh: "I know that I sound so damn cheesy, but I guess that's what love does to you." I laughed so hard at myself after that.
11/22/2011 c8 asdfghjlk
please please PLEASE keep going! i absolutely love this story!
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